Friday 27 February 2015

FMF - Let's "Kuier!"

I have met so many amazing women over the past few months. Each with different lives and different stories, with different calling and different dreams. Yet, our lives have intersected for some great moments. We have met through our words, through our heart stirrings, across borders, across nations and across oceans. Eventually at some point someone will say “I wish we could have a visit and enjoy a coffee together, I would love to know so much more about your story.”

There is something deeper than the evident sigh of longing that comes with this short wish. Something called connection and friendship. For me, I have loved hearing these women’s words via emails, via WhatsApp, on voice notes or on blogs. We don’t always have the liberty to enjoy a “kuier” (a good old Afrikaans word unique to South Africa that means a cosy visit with friends where you usually enjoy tea and some cake!) but hey we rejoice in what we have, connection across borders. So to all the women who are making their worlds special by being themselves, I want to thank you for being a part of my journey, gosh you are all so special, thank you for all the “visits!” and the blessing that each one of you are!

Linking up with #FMF Kate M this week!

By the way, speaking about our stories - please check out our up coming Windows across Oceans E - Book, it's an exclusive collection of Women's Stories to be released this month. Through our heart stirrings and God moments, we are encouraging one another to know, that each has the power to ignite a light, a candle burning bright. A light of encouragement, a light of hope - every story is neither big or small, but special. Through this E - Book we will be able to raise funds for our sisters in China and India who need a Love Touch from God. 
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