Monday 16 February 2015

Excited Wonder

I sat on the bed this afternoon and poured over my Bible. Loving the deep intensities and mysterious discoveries that lie embedded in the pages. I held the pages against my palm and wondered about the world of the first believers and how our lives complement theirs (Hebrews 12). As the wind blew gently through the silk curtain I felt the Love of God enfold me. 

Again, I was reminded how much I love the stories of the men and women in the Bible. Father takes me on a treasure hunt of Love and intrigue as I stare down at their names and marvel at who they were. This week I am engaged in a study of the word that was unexpected and it has been food for my soul. Meditating on scriptures that I love and on the lives of the amazing men and women of faith, so as to teach these beautiful truths to others. 

Locked up in the life of Paul, I wondered about the harsh realities he faced. I read about his imprisonment, along with Andronicus and Junia. In a prison that resembled hell, with only a small hole in the ceiling where food would be passed down through. Even the visitors to that prison left chronicling the horrors of its existence and here some of our spiritual family spent their days, just for loving Messiah. This week, I am amazed at what God is teaching me. Awakening in me that child - like love of discovery that I first encountered as a child. I would spend hours reading encyclopedia's and playing with my shape ball - the one where you had to fit the shapes together. I am like a David Livingstone of Biblical truth! Or Henry Stanley! I hold my flag in one hand and walk out to unchartered places and pitch the flag saying "here is a beautiful truth! It is worth a visit.

It's enjoyable to have these precious moments, the Bible not only feeds us, it revives us and teaches us, deeper truths then we could ever hope for. 
What is God saying to you through the Word this week?
Is He awakening some deeper self - insight through His word or prayer?


  1. We are on the same wavelength. Great to meet you. I am following you from Playdates. I would love you to link to SundayStillness - where we link what God is teaching us. I too love how God teaches me through His word.

  2. I love when God does that. A gentle wind is like a hug. Unfolding of a verse is a kiss on our heart.