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How are you today? Are you okay? I hope so! You gonna stay a while?

I'm Aliyah, that's my Hebrew name. Hebrew kids have two names usually, one is English, one is Hebrew. I use my Hebrew name online and when I write, but Lauren is my English name. Depending on where people know me from, they refer to me by both of my names and I don't mind because it's not that confusing. I also have a double barrel surname, two surnames, now that seems to confuse people! I started this blog in 2011, so that I could make sense of what I was growing through. At the time I was struggling with deep depression and I needed a place of "refuge" where I could share my feelings in an open space without people judging me. Being that I am a believer in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) the probability of being around judgmental people is very likely. However, as I have barged on my ship through the slow (and sometimes chaotic) streams of life, I have stopped along the riverside to take in the villages and places where I have met deeper parts of myself. I have journeyed to this place - the place I know am at. The place of deeper joy, deeper peace, deeper fulfillment and deeper knowledge of the Love of an infinite God. Gosh, my life has been a journey and yey I am so thankful for it! I could share so much with you, what I will tell you is that I am a warrior woman who is called by Yeshua to call the warrior women of God to join His army. This has been a life long journey, and I am learning daily. I am passionate about stories, real life stories and I am passionate about the stories of the unknown and lesser known women of the Bible.

I am a literary artist, that's a fancy term for someone who loves to create with words, poems, articles, essays, novels, scholarly articles and books. I have two books out and am excited about my first novel coming out July 2016! I am learning a lot everyday and growing a lot, every day and I am learning the art of bravery. Faith - filled bravery, it's a journey. So, what's your Story? 

You can learn more about me or my Book over at http://laurenjacobs.co.za/yehudit-chosen-of-god/

Or over Here Yehudit on Amazon

Beloved, You are invited to taste the waters of God's peace and rest and then to drink deep, saturating your spirit and soul in His endless waters of Love. You are invited through a whisper, through His call of Love, so come…come… and may perfect peace be your portion both now and forever.


  1. Hi, I'm from Thee Angel Project and thought I'd hop on over to your blog today. I love this description of rest. I myself am recently struggling with heightened panic attacks and this blog project has come at just the right time for me to find some comfort and encouragement among women who have gone through such experiences. It's been such a great reminder to me as I ache for that fullness of peace and rest you talk about. So I enjoyed reading this section, and might have to come back again for a reminder! Have a blessed day/evening!

  2. Oh, how I wish I lived closer...would love to meet you in person and chat about so much of what you share here. I walked through PTSD last year and God has brought me into deeper joy and freedom through that too. I'm also really interested in learning more about the Hebrew roots of faith and Biblical equality.

    Love that you and your husband are in full-time ministry together. I look forward to the day God opens my husband's heart to believe.

    1. Hey Anna, ahhh I wish you lived closer tooooo! WOw, I just value you for sharing what God took you through and how He uses those places in our lives to deepen our walk with Him. Will try get your book soon! I hope you can use the link above to visit the website, we have loads of teachings on there about women etc. I pray for God to open your husbands eyes to His Grace, I am sure you are an example of Gods Love! Bless you and will lift you up in prayer for your new book!