Thursday 25 February 2016

The Child Bride Epidemic!

Ukuthwalwa. The stories will break your heart. It's happening every day in rural South Africa. Girls as young as fourteen are being forced to marry men double their age. In some cases, men as old as fifty-five take these virgin girls as their brides. These daughters are abducted and forced to marry a stranger, and then they are raped. Their new "husbands" will not take "no" for an answer. The "brides" are merely legal slaves under this custom.

 This is the reality in some rural South African communities, but all over the world, the epidemic of child brides is growing, fed by the traditions and customs of patriarchy. 

Child brides, there are over 700 million women alive today who were married as children and forced to live a life of "slavery." I am writing about this issue over at CBE this week, please join me and share the article!

Here's the link: The Child Bride Epidemic


  1. Wow, it is so sad to hear about these young girls being forced against their will and then being used and violated. I'm so sorry this still happens. I will try to remember to pray for these girls and for things to change. Blessings to you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is tragic. Thank you for pursuing justice. I pray God uses your passion and effort to bring justice!