Thursday 30 April 2015

Windows across Oceans Trailer! A Message of Love

I am so excited for all the things Father is doing - one of these things is my hubby now launching in to video teachings for our ministry. He is literally my tutorial now when it comes to videos and he helped me bring a prompting to life. A Holy Spirit fired up prompting to make a beautiful snippet trailer about our book Windows across Oceans.

Fathers heart and message for this video is one of hope and love. I want to encourage you to send this on to friends, share it on the social vibes and just send it on to someone who needs to know that Christ is enough. The greatest Love Story is the one we live in, the one where He came along and rescued us from our lives of desolation, bore our sins and death and carried us in to a place called Love. This is the message behind this video. It's about Yeshua's Love for all of us and how the burnt places in our own lives - the nsippets in our stories, faded in the Light of His Love and Grace.

Enjoy the video - and may you be super blessed!
(A Big shout out to my wonderful hubby for all his hard work with this :))
A dear friend Idalette, a wonderful songstress and artist recorded this instrumental piece just for our Windows across Oceans project, I am sure you will agree with me, that it's deeply moving and amazing. Thanks Idalette! 
(Please dont forget to pause the player on the right, so that you can pause the music on the blog!)

Saturday 25 April 2015

To dream a bigger dream!

For years I hid but not in the way you would expect. I was active, doing the things God called me to do. Teaching, studying, writing, counselling and working alongside my husband in the ministry but in a more passive role. Just being there in a way. I loved to write and so it was the main thing I did but I never thought of myself as standing up and speaking to people. I loved counselling, being with people one on one and I loved being around people, the centre of the crowd. But speaking, teaching, preaching - wahaha, not me! Until one day while busy working on a ministry book, I felt God nudging me forward. It was time to fly yet I whispered "God I just want to sit behind my computer screen, you've gifted me to write, I dont need to speak, I can just write." This wasnt rebellion or selfishness, it was the desire to hide, to be small. Many times we speak about having a small dream but what if, just if, God has a big dream for you. Like speaking to people from a stage. Or writing a movie script, or travelling to India where you will touch the hands of lepers and the arms of brokenness. What if, just if, this is what God called you to do - what if your dream is too small. Because mine was, I wanted to hide, scared of dishonouring my Father with a big dream. Exactly thirty minutes later an email appeared on my screen from a friend in the States, it read the following "I was praying for you today and sissy I have to tell you God says you are called to be more then a writer, you are called to speak girl! You are called for so much more, its time to get out from behind your computer and stop hiding."

Truthfully, up until that point I had never had God use someone so directly to speak to me before, but it was a Love Touch from God. The touch was saying my child, I am here - I have a bigger dream for you. I am happy to say that God led me like a Lover who leads His beloved out on to the dance floor, He led me out from hiding behind my gift of writing, to be more then I thought I could be and truthfully, He is still doing it. I have often been scared to be bigger, to live with a bigger dream - but God is daily Loving me to believe, to not hide, but to believe in who I am in Him and who He is in me. As Pentecost draws near, I thought about Peter, that day when the Holy Spirit fell and He got to pray for 3000 people who were added to the congregation. I wonder if He ever thought He would do that - the once backwater town, rugged fisherman who faltered and failed but got back up. His dream was probably to make a living for his wife by fishing on the Galilee, yet Yeshua entered the scene, called to Peter from behind the net and whispered, for you I have a bigger dream, was Peter scared? Did He dare to imagine he would pray for 3000 peeps in one day! I dont think so, so thank You Father that you dont want us to hide, but you want us to come out from behind the books, the washing machine, the computer or office desk because You have a bigger dream....

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Friday 24 April 2015

Your Story Matters by Jeri S

I just wanted to share this post by fellow blogger Jeri. Jeri shared her story with us in Windows across Oceans and she has a great heart of compassion for the needs of our spiritual family in India. I loved her recent write up about the E - book and wanted to share it over here... Check it out!

Dear Ladies, Your Story Matters 

Wednesday 22 April 2015

My God - birthed Dream

I love how God wants us to dream but bigger then that, He wants to dream for us! Today in art class I heard a song that made my spiritual ears prick up. It goes like this....

                                       So come on, let Me dream, let Me dream for you
                                         I am strong when youre weak and Ill carry you
                                            So let go of your plan, be caught by My hand
                                              Ill show you what I can do
                                                           When I dream for you
                                                                    I have a dream for you
                                                       (Casting Crowns, Dream for you) 

Many years of my saved life required going to deep places within myself, to deep places that needed to be unlocked and healed. When the bigger places of healing were comforted and set free by the precious blood Love of Yeshua, He started to ignite the embers of my heart to dream again. Dreams that I had as a little girl, strange little things and I treasure these places and these fireflies of dreams. Even as I walk in to the new seasons of my life, God keeps unlocking little dreams inside of my heart. He even presents me with some serious challenges that form part of my calling. Challenges stretch us and give new life, if we allow it too. So today, I want to announce my God dream on my blog and I decided to share it with my fellow sisters over at My God Dream. A movement pioneered by Holley Gerth's book, a most inspiring book I must add! So you can read all about My God Dream over here My God Dream. It's a really special moment for me and a special time. God gets all the Glory and I am so thankful I am finally able to dream again and to see those dreams through hard work and dedication, tears and faith, powerful Love and relationship, come in to existence. July 2016 is around the corner, I cant wait..... 

Monday 20 April 2015

Out upon these Waters with my Over-Sized Jersey on!

I've really been growing almost pushing through my own skin, growing in to the newness that God has for me. As I push, I grow - miraculously. Although it sometimes looks like I'm trying to push into an over-size jersey and I cant find the sockets for my arms, so I'm rolling around. Quite a struggle, but quite a laugh at the same time. 

I always say - our journeys are unique and I mean it. It is so unique and so uniquely special and personal. I know that although I'm still finding the sleeves on my jersey, I'm having some fun and I'm growing painfully in to my new skin. I remember when I was 12 how those physical growing pains used to numb my arms and legs, that memory is so vivid. Being in the school quad making my way over to the exit gate and feeling those dull, someone just knocked on my bones feeling. It was horrible but necessary. An integral part of life. Spiritual life is no different. We cant compartmentalise and say we are babies that is why we grow, rather I see it like a tree. Sometimes you need another branch so that more birds can weather the storms in the shade of your evergreen leaves. 

We should all be growing, in every season of life as we step in to the newness God has for you. Again, this is a season of walking in to a very deep new spiritual place. A season of growing another branch, another place, another reality within me. Yip, I'm tumbling as I find my feet - note to self, when you sing that song "You call me out upon the waters The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery In oceans deep,,
" It's a pretty real place! But that's where the fun is, Daddy helps you find your feet. In this season I have been receiving amazing promises for my new season, for this new place. A few months ago my husband and I both received a word from Yahweh, about a beautiful new thing completely different that we would walk towards and in to. At the time we clung to the word and sealed it up in our hearts. Now, we are seeing this truth unfold. So today, if you are in a growth season of fun and tumbling, rejoice and keep on going. He's got you, ready to bring you forth with a brand new sweater and some needed new skin for the new leg of the journey that is stretching out before you! You are in position being made new for the new thing, positioned to bring forth the fruit ordained in this season of life. So keep on going and keep on growing!

Sunday 19 April 2015

A Windows across Oceans Update - April 2015

I've got my hot water bottle snuggled up on my lap, and we anticipating our wonderful electricity provider to shut us down in an hour. The joys of corruption, so I'm racing against the clock here but I really wanted to share my heart in this post this evening. The very first update after a month of releasing our very first global book of stories. 

If it's your first time here, welcome! And do yourself a favour, go and check out our E - Book entitled, Windows across Oceans. You wont be sorry!

Now on to the exciting stuff...

This E - Book has truly been a blessing. I have learned so much through this God breathed project and I have seen so much! I have seen people set free through the stories in this book. I have seen people identify truths they have needed to receive in their own lives. I have heard people squeal (via the vitural world) with joy through what they themselves have felt this book is going to do and I myself am grateful tonight that there is a greater reason for our words, then we ever imagined there would be.

A day after the horrific Kenyan university attack, where Christians were targeted and martyred for their faith, God prompted my heart to make our first donation to Open Doors. Open Doors is one of the beneficiaries for this project and the money sent to them will be used to help our fellow sisters who are now widowed, orphaned, homeless, without food or hope in this world, due to the fact that their husbands, brothers, sons or nephews were killed for their faith in Christ. God prompted my heart and said send the money now! Though our book was only out for less then 14 days, I was blessed to be able to send R540/$45 to our sisters across the 10 - 40 window. How beautiful is it for us to make this small difference, let's not stop praying for our spiritual family who are experiencing this persecution!

Secondly, this windows across oceans project has morphed in to something I need to carry further. Something I call burnt ground was finally cast in stone this past Wednesday, on the day I said goodbye to my aunt who passed away after a long courageous battle against cancer. Please read about it here -  Burnt Ground.

Heather's story became the first story in this new reality and it's an open reality to the heart stories Yeshua will bring my way. May His Name be praised! We also had some guys purchase Windows across Oceans and we had many celebrate the beautiful words. This week, God - willing I will be speaking to Nitza Moshe from Remnant Radio and we will be doing a conversation about the E - Book, the vision and the heart behind it and we will be encouraging others to support this venture too. I will post this interview as soon as it's released. At the end of this month, I will announce the winner of the beautiful canvas picture by Ilse Kleyn and next month I will do our second donation handover to
All Girls Allowed
. Please keep on encouraging your friends and family members to purchase copies of this book, together we are making a difference! It's not just about the money, but about the inspiration, the love, the joining hands, the "sharing God"that is happening through this amazing project. 

Also, our artist JoDee Luna who has been an amazing support in this project, through her artwork for the front cover and in sharing the word about this book, she has put herself out there and will be doing something amazing to raise further funds for our beneficiaries but we will announce this in the next week or so, but it's exciting! 

Let's raise our hands up, lift them in the sky and give God all the glory because He is so worthy! HalleluYah! Let's do what we can do together, for His glory and to let someone else know that they are loved and special! (If you have purchased a copy of this book and have been touched somehow please let me know, our contributors would be blessed!)

FMF - Tomorrow

Five Minute Friday, Go!

The stillness settles, the sense of God's presence as I have yearned for it. The magnificent sky tells me that God is in to painting, creating, positioning beauty all for our eyes. Tomorrow. Could I have missed the sky because of my thoughts about tomorrow? Where my imagined expectations demand me to do things hastily so that tomorrow will be saved. But will I be saved through living on expectation, no God says, no. Let go of unreal expectations, let go and let yourself be. Tomorrow will take care of itself, tomorrow - just let it be. I am not a tomorrow person, never have been. I love todays moments, the present moment where todays grace is alive for me. Tomorrow means nothing for me, God is alive eternally so He holds my tomorrow. I peer down at todays cards and say Father what will You want for me today. He shows me and I let the autumn leaves float in to the air, I am alive in this moment, fulfilling fruit in this ripe season. Whatever He has for me, He has already positioned in me, already it will spring forth so long as I'm down on my knees. I dont have to strive to meet tomorrow, tomorrow does not exist, this moment is alive its exists for me and God. Here He says whatever you do, do in Me and whenever You can, be still and stare outside, to the sunset that I painted just for you....

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Sunday 12 April 2015

The advert that Spoke to me

This week I stumbled across an advert that really spoke to me. Deeply, through the Holy Spirit and through the passion that I have inside of my heart, for my sisters everywhere. It's the new Dove Choose Beautiful Advert. Before you read the rest of this post - have a look at the video....

How did you feel after watching this true life reality? While this advert has come under fire from many critics and commentators everywhere, it begs us to question ourselves and I want to make a few statements and observations here.

Firstly, beauty for us as women passionate about Messiah, is a not an issue of skin, or outward beauty. I dont care what anyone says, the Bible is clear about it -  Charm is deceitful and beauty fades; but a woman who fears the LORD will be praised. (proverbs 31:30) Society has been led astray by the enemy of mankind, in to believing that everyone everywhere has to look the same - forget about, embrace yourself.
Secondly, you need to choose not to internalise what you think others think of you! Who cares what aunty Shirley from ten years ago thought of you, or what your neigbor thinks of your hair - you are who you are - love yourself. Dont accept someone elses viewpoint of yourself. 

Lastly and most importantly, everyday that you are alive, you can be sure of one thing. The most important thing, the all encompassing life changing amazing thing is that you are beautiful to God. You were worth dying for, you are worth Living for! God says "I love you, you are a dove, a garden enclosed, a beloved child, nothing can separate you from Gods Love." Internalise the truth because the truth will set you free and the truth is God says you are amazing when you live and radiate the Living King. Square your shoulders back and choose the beautiful door - because your spirit is beautiful and because your heart is Christ - Like. Doesn't matter what others think about you, all that matters is that you are accepted, valued, loved and cherished - that's the truth that will bring down Goliath - embrace it!! 


Friday 10 April 2015

FMF - Home is my Relief!

Five Minute Friday, I havent joined up for a while but here goes, on your marks GO!!


The sound of laughter at the end of a long day. The feeling of pulling those shoes off and leaving them on a floor that is all your own. Relief, the place you lay your head down and the place you let yourself be you. Home, relief is found in my home.
The world has started spinning at such a fast pace, everyone is moving, rushing, the world is spinning, driving faster, on and on its spinning. Coldness, hardness, sometimes the sound of chaos, rushing its time to get done. That's the world but not in my home.

In my home, we dont rush, we dont strive, we play. We rest, we pray. It's a place to call our own, a place the world cannot know - it's just ours, and I am so thankful today for my home! And for who I share it with - my hubby and our cat <3

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Monday 6 April 2015

The Man who pulled the Cross

We drove over to the burnt ground, I had to see the place where the flames had ravaged, yet forever changed my life. I had to see it. As we started our ascent up the winding, busy road, the sight that greeted us seemed peaceful. Only small signs of damage remained behind, burnt signposts and bare ground, yet a cool atmosphere of peace lay sleepily among the bushes. The cars drove by quickly yet I wondered how they could have missed the sight that sped past them. We drove looking for a place to stop but we could not find one, stopping on the pass was too dangerous. So we drove as slow as we could, to try and take it all in. Acres of land stretched and tumbled up and over the mountains. As we drove, I strained my eyes to see signs of life and there it was, among the ash that still lay on the ground. Peach flowers just pushing through, green blades of grass reminding me of ressurected life. Reminding me of Life and Hope, reminding me not to give up not to give in, reminding me that it's never the end, even when its painful or burnt. There was such a sense of peace that hung over the land, such a sense of peace despite the trauma of fire just three weeks ago. I wanted to run in to those bushes, on to that ground and get lost with the beauty all around, with the life that moved atop the ground, I wanted to get lost in it. Burnt, it seemed to carry hope.

Then there at the bottom of the pass, we found a place and stopped. Just then I looked to my right and marvelled at God's perfect timing. A man I had met three years ago in a mall when I needed a reminder of Gods Love, a man who walks around Cape Town pulling a wooden cross, there he started the journey up that pass. There he walked slowly with a t-shirt on saying "He is Risen." There he started the journey pulling that cross up that path. A visual reminder of God's perfect peace, a visual reminder to the speeding cars to slow down and look what God can do for our burnt ground. I watched him pull the cross slowly up the road, slowly without a word, his action just whispering enough for God to be heard. A reminder of God's Perfect Love for everyone, a reminder on that day of God's undying Love for me. 

 How amazing is God's timing, how perfect is all of His ways. The ground may be burnt, it may seem as though there is no way out, but even as we walk across the sand there is a Man who goes before us, travailing for us across the burnt sand. His name is Yeshua, the eternal King, Messiah of All, the Suffering King and how I love You sweet Papa, Abba King. Thank You for walking with me across the sand, thank You for all You have done for me and all You keep on doing, I love You!

Friday 3 April 2015

It's Passover!!

We enter in to this season - it's Passover.
The lamb awaits, the smell of roasting garlic fills the air. Grape juice licks the gold rimmed glass, while matzah cracks between my fingers. I close my watering eyes and eat the radish, the reminder of the bitterness of our sin. I smile smugly when I munch on that cinnamony - charoset, a reminder of the bricks we made in Egypt's slave net. I sit around the table and breathe in, Elijah's cup is at the end of the table, glistening. My favourite time would always come, run to the doors and shout "Let Elijah Come!" 

It's Passover season. Not a day or an hour, not a hurried service or rushed sermon, it's a season. A time to quieten our hearts, come like broken pots and lay it all down at the place where we are made whole, at the foot of the Stake of the Beloved Lamb. I feel His Love around me, His Light touches the hidden places within me, the places desperate for His Touch. His Song it draws me, through the blood - stained door that spelled slavery. His Love it surrounds me, His sacrifice it overwhelms me. There is nothing that can hold me, even death cannot bind me. It's Passover season, a time of liberation. I lay myself down, in the arms of the One who gave it all and say "thank You Yeshua, I love You!"

*Passover starts tonight at sunset till tomorrow night sunset and then the Feast of Unleavened Bread starts for seven days. A time where we eat no yeast according to the Biblical command and we walk tightly in to the hidden places of our lives - that need Yeshua our Messiah's Loving Touch. Leviticus 23 details and outlines the instructions for the Biblical feasts of God. Chag Sameach Pesach!*

Wednesday 1 April 2015

The Mirror Month of March

I have been looking forward to this post, reflecting back on March this year. I don't usually look back on the passing months, sometimes they just fly by but March has been an amazing month. I feel as though so much happened. Not externally but internally, in my walk out here on this temporary planet called earth and also inwardly, where no eyes can see. It's been a month! So while I wont be able to capture all the beautiful moments, here are some...

  1. A Shooting Star ... I stepped out on to the balcony where I love to pray. I sat down on my chair, wrapped myself in my jacket and stared up at the ceiling of the sky. The stars were beautiful. I sensed the Love and Closeness of God, I needed it. Then like a gentle reminder, a huge shooting star rushed across the sky and I was just mesmerised. Wow God, You really are trying to show me just how Big YOU Are!
  2. Windows across Oceans... Of course, The Book Launch. Being apart of God's amazing plan for so many. Being a part of a group of ladies that joined voices, hearts and hands together for a greater cause. a Highlight!
  3. Selling! Of course, putting a book together is one thing, but selling a book is a different story! A highlight of this month for me, has been seeing books going in to other peoples hands and knowing that we are making a difference in women's Lives, one book at a time. 
  4. An Unexpected God Project.... A Huge highlight for me is an unexpected place Yeshua led me to. A project I am involved with starting on the 15 April, to paint a portrait of an orphaned little girl in Ghana, which she will receive in June. Its an amazing project and also the Love Touch from God is that exactly one year ago (to the day she will receive her portrait) I was in Ghana with my husband. This month I have really longed and cried for Ghana, I miss the people, I miss the love. Now in some way I am going back in the form of this portrait.
  5. Women's History Month.... March was women's history month and the posts on this blog reflected that theme. It was awesome!
  6. Finishing my 6th artwork and celebrating one year of painting... I finished an amazing artwork this month that I know is amazing because it is for a greater cause and I celebrated painting for exactly one year. I discovered the love of painting only a few months ago and boy has it been amazing. When I first started, I felt like I had two left hands (which was quite interesting because I could use both hands to paint with!) and then discovered the art of being present, being patient and being peaceful. 
  7. The Joy of God and His Faithful Hand of Giving, He never lets me go.... My husband and I have been going through a very specific season with God. It's a personal season and this month Yeshua has given me a lot of reminders, scriptures, and personal gestures that tell me He is in control. Also, He has blessed us with much needed resources. Thank You God!

    What have been the highlights of March for you? What has God done for you the past four weeks?

Light shines from Heaven's Mirror

Hanging from trees, bottles with flowers, messages hang from the leaves.
Just for me, just for me, dangling in the cool night air, hanging like hands of Love, all for me. Message in a Bottle, right there for me to see, shining lights burn like rays of light from Heavens Mirror. Moments of Love touch my soul, Moments of Comfort relieve the pain I carry from open wounds that crawl in to the Wounded Hands of God. Arms open wide, from the Cross He cried, I kneel down and dry my eyes, it hurts here Daddy. Then He whispers as He gets back up from off that tree, ascends in to Heaven and says "come on child, come and sit by me." He holds me tight, wraps me in that favourite blanket I had since I was born and says "rest those eyes, today will end and things will be made new." I struggle to close my eyes, fear keeps them open as I look around, I'm too afraid to admit to my fear, too fearful to awaken trust thats needed for my body's sleep.

Hand drawn in to a fist, this enemy wont let me rest, perfectly strung arrows hit me in my chest. I peel them off, thank my King for this armour, the enemy wont play fair but He dont know who stands here. King of Kings, Ancient of Days, He wont let me go. Child of the King, I wear His signet Ring, you dont know who you messing with. I turn back around and see Heaven's Gaze, His eyes always on me, His Love it surrounds me. I am choosing the new, choosing the Belt of Truth. Truth is who I am, the truth that helps me take my stand. Belt of Truth, that's my identity and I am choosing my five stones, putting them in my bag and standing with victory in my hand. Goliath will come and I will breathe in deep, I wont be afraid, wont be shaken from my place. I will defeat him because God is my Strength. These words will peel back and will peel off, I will take my stand. Moments of victory hang in the air, they wait for me to claim them, hold on because I am already there. "Open your eyes, arms open wide, rest now my child, because it's gonna be alright."