Wednesday 1 April 2015

The Mirror Month of March

I have been looking forward to this post, reflecting back on March this year. I don't usually look back on the passing months, sometimes they just fly by but March has been an amazing month. I feel as though so much happened. Not externally but internally, in my walk out here on this temporary planet called earth and also inwardly, where no eyes can see. It's been a month! So while I wont be able to capture all the beautiful moments, here are some...

  1. A Shooting Star ... I stepped out on to the balcony where I love to pray. I sat down on my chair, wrapped myself in my jacket and stared up at the ceiling of the sky. The stars were beautiful. I sensed the Love and Closeness of God, I needed it. Then like a gentle reminder, a huge shooting star rushed across the sky and I was just mesmerised. Wow God, You really are trying to show me just how Big YOU Are!
  2. Windows across Oceans... Of course, The Book Launch. Being apart of God's amazing plan for so many. Being a part of a group of ladies that joined voices, hearts and hands together for a greater cause. a Highlight!
  3. Selling! Of course, putting a book together is one thing, but selling a book is a different story! A highlight of this month for me, has been seeing books going in to other peoples hands and knowing that we are making a difference in women's Lives, one book at a time. 
  4. An Unexpected God Project.... A Huge highlight for me is an unexpected place Yeshua led me to. A project I am involved with starting on the 15 April, to paint a portrait of an orphaned little girl in Ghana, which she will receive in June. Its an amazing project and also the Love Touch from God is that exactly one year ago (to the day she will receive her portrait) I was in Ghana with my husband. This month I have really longed and cried for Ghana, I miss the people, I miss the love. Now in some way I am going back in the form of this portrait.
  5. Women's History Month.... March was women's history month and the posts on this blog reflected that theme. It was awesome!
  6. Finishing my 6th artwork and celebrating one year of painting... I finished an amazing artwork this month that I know is amazing because it is for a greater cause and I celebrated painting for exactly one year. I discovered the love of painting only a few months ago and boy has it been amazing. When I first started, I felt like I had two left hands (which was quite interesting because I could use both hands to paint with!) and then discovered the art of being present, being patient and being peaceful. 
  7. The Joy of God and His Faithful Hand of Giving, He never lets me go.... My husband and I have been going through a very specific season with God. It's a personal season and this month Yeshua has given me a lot of reminders, scriptures, and personal gestures that tell me He is in control. Also, He has blessed us with much needed resources. Thank You God!

    What have been the highlights of March for you? What has God done for you the past four weeks?

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