Monday 20 April 2015

Out upon these Waters with my Over-Sized Jersey on!

I've really been growing almost pushing through my own skin, growing in to the newness that God has for me. As I push, I grow - miraculously. Although it sometimes looks like I'm trying to push into an over-size jersey and I cant find the sockets for my arms, so I'm rolling around. Quite a struggle, but quite a laugh at the same time. 

I always say - our journeys are unique and I mean it. It is so unique and so uniquely special and personal. I know that although I'm still finding the sleeves on my jersey, I'm having some fun and I'm growing painfully in to my new skin. I remember when I was 12 how those physical growing pains used to numb my arms and legs, that memory is so vivid. Being in the school quad making my way over to the exit gate and feeling those dull, someone just knocked on my bones feeling. It was horrible but necessary. An integral part of life. Spiritual life is no different. We cant compartmentalise and say we are babies that is why we grow, rather I see it like a tree. Sometimes you need another branch so that more birds can weather the storms in the shade of your evergreen leaves. 

We should all be growing, in every season of life as we step in to the newness God has for you. Again, this is a season of walking in to a very deep new spiritual place. A season of growing another branch, another place, another reality within me. Yip, I'm tumbling as I find my feet - note to self, when you sing that song "You call me out upon the waters The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery In oceans deep,,
" It's a pretty real place! But that's where the fun is, Daddy helps you find your feet. In this season I have been receiving amazing promises for my new season, for this new place. A few months ago my husband and I both received a word from Yahweh, about a beautiful new thing completely different that we would walk towards and in to. At the time we clung to the word and sealed it up in our hearts. Now, we are seeing this truth unfold. So today, if you are in a growth season of fun and tumbling, rejoice and keep on going. He's got you, ready to bring you forth with a brand new sweater and some needed new skin for the new leg of the journey that is stretching out before you! You are in position being made new for the new thing, positioned to bring forth the fruit ordained in this season of life. So keep on going and keep on growing!


  1. I love this, girl. I see it like a tree. Sometimes you need another branch so that more birds can weather the storms in the shade of your evergreen leaves. Beautiful....God bless you and keep you. Your Chris~

  2. I love these pictures of the little puppies! And what an apt illustration of growing into your own skin :). I agree, we should always be growing--God is never done with us this side of glory. Much love to you, friend.

  3. I thought I had stopped by last week and left a comment, but apparently not! :( Sorry about that. So blessed to be your neighbor over at Meredith's place. Great post and those puppies are adorable!