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The Book Launch - 21 March
It's Finally Here!

This is truly a very special day and thank you all for being part of it. This book will change you! And God has a big plan for this book and the seeds that are flying off the parent stem (watch this space). Here are some of our reviews to whet your appetite. 
Beautiful, touching stories woven together with the essence of the heart of womanhood amidst pain, triumphantly being found by Love and destiny. I found myself moving between crying and smiling with joy. I am celebrating the journey with my sisters, the journey to unveiling beauty and life, amidst the challenges of a harsh and broken world. I am inspired by the courage in each story and of inner strength wrought together with a tenderness of heart. Hope hope hope!   
Lauretta Smith, Love and Friendship Ministry South Africa

In Windows across Oceans, real woman share real life stories about the real power and redemption of a loving Heavenly Father. Each woman recounts the Father's love and redemption and how He touches her heart and life. As you read these autobiographical accounts, may you be blessed with hope for you and for other women you know. The same Father that brought healing and restoration to these women is the same God that has healing and hope for all women. There is nothing that you have done, nor has there been anything done to you, to keep you from the Father's love and redemption in your life. You, as a woman, are highly valued and treasured in the heart of the Father. There is nothing left undone in order for the Father to bring you into the fullness of your destiny in Him.
          Rivkah Isaacs Treasures of Glory Ministries

This amazing compilation of stories from the hearts of women across the world leaves one stunned, yet immersed in the all-encompassing love of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ).  For most of us, these women's stories are incomprehensible.  We want to turn away from accounts of such suffering and abuse, and pretend we don't know about it.  Yet, to turn away would be to blot out the miracles of God's Love, reaching into the four corners of the earth, bringing healing and restoration to women who, in this book, refer to themselves as "hopeless, helpless and homeless; two empty hands and a weary soul, a worthless coin tossed to the ground." Through slavery, sexual abuse, rejection and forced abortions, these women from around the world share stories of redeemed lives, touched by the Living God.  One writes, "I believe Christ gave His life for sinners.  That's all I need to know." Another proclaims, "Christ is not a religion, but a new heart given by God at the cross of Calvary."  Isn't it time that we - even we who live blessed and comfortable lives - come back to these simple, but transforming statements of faith?  Perhaps as you read these stories of the love and redemption of Yeshua (Jesus), you too will fall on your face in thanksgiving, and come back to the kind of pure, passionate gratitude that graces the lives of these formerly lost and broken women.  As one of them gently says, "My story is a simple story...but it matters!" Indeed it does! Each and every story of Christ's redeeming love matters, and can change this broken world.
              Kelly Ferrari Mills, Singer and Minister Doorkeeper Ministries

 Windows across Oceans is being made available for $5 a copy.
All the proceeds from this book will be donated towards All Girls Allowed and Open Doors, to support our global sisters who desperately need a Love touch from Messiah. Be a part of this story, and grab a copy. Thank you so much for your Purchase!

*Last year when I prayed about the release date for this project Yahweh clearly showed me March 21. Remarkably this weekend is the start of the Biblical New Year. This is a really special time on God's time calendar. I truly believe God is a very detailed and orderly God, who makes things happen in specific times and season. This book is part of His New Year Time Clock. May His Name be glorified! 

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*And because this Book and this project is all about Messiah's Redeeming Love, we want to bless one amazing woman and that one amazing woman could be you! One of our featured artists Ilse Kleyn has shared some of her amazing artworks in Windows across Oceans. Ilse and I met at a God ordained moment, where our lives intercepted by God's Divine Plan. A poem that had come to me from the Holy Spirit, entitled I am Woman started "travelling." I am Woman was featured in poetry anthologies, magazines and at conferences. It was used by Alison Botha and eventually it was destined to form part of Ilse Kleyn's Warrior Bride series of artworks. Ilse's artwork I am Woman is featured in this book and we have a beautiful A5 cardboard canvas of the picture, that we want to give away (prize pictured below)!All you have to do is make a purchase and your name will automatically be entered in to a draw at the end of April, to win this amazing prize. We are all part of God's unique tapestry, so let's be a thread united together in God's Eternal Plan of making a difference on this earth!

Teaser Trailer for the Book 


The Project and The Vision

  I am a story - teller. I am passionate about stories. Discovering the depths of the stories we hold inside, the depth of our untold stories and in December 2014 I knew that God was leading me to connect women's stories together but I simply had no idea how or why.
One morning while praying I heard Yahweh tell me to create an Electronic book where women could be vulnerable with their stories.
He showed me how vulnerable our stories truly are and how deeply we open ourselves up through the gentle sharing of our stories.
From the very first Words that called creation in to being, to the very last earth shattering proclamation of "it is Finished!" God has always been a lover of Words and He loves stories.

In this E - Book, you will find truth, honest and vulnerable truth.
Some of these stories (in fact a lot of these stories) are being shared for the very first time.
They are moments, pieces of someone's life that is precious and valuable.

Nine women share their lives and experiences with others, in the pages of this Book, due for release on the 21st of March.
This is the date Yeshua gave me for release. 
It's signifcant because it's human rights day here in South Africa and March is also women's History Month and it's no surprise that the theme for women's history month this year is,
weaving together our stories. 

 I can tell you that, once you pick up this book, you will not be able to put it down.
It's not something to rush through but it's something to savor.
Something to meditate on, to ask yourself, how can I respond to what this woman is saying?
Have I encountered the same in my own life?
The pages of these stories are also filled artworks and poetry, allow these to sweep over you and embrace you.
This book is special and through our heart stories, we will be raising money for two organisations.

The first is All Girls Allowed who stand against the one - child policy in China and gendercide. They do the following: 

 - Exposing the injustice of China’s One-Child Policy;
                   - Rescuing girls and mothers from gendercide in society; and
                   - Celebrating women by embracing them as equal image-bearers of God   through our pledge: "In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her"
                              In so doing, we pray that God would end the One-Child Policy, uproot     gendercide in hearts and in societies, and bring complete restoration to his people.
(For more on Gendercide you can read the following article
An Overview of Gendercide)

 The second is Open Doors Women's Programs to empower our sisters in India and elsewhere. Our precious sisters who are being persecuted and broken for their faith.
Open Doors comes up along side these women and helps them in many ways.
We are excited to be a part of aiding these sisters!

It is truly my belief that God wants to do so much through us, it's time to take hands and help our sisters, who are not as fortunate as us.
 Just this week in my quiet time, God told me to make a paper doll chain and so I did. 
I cut and painted just as the Holy spirit led me to and when I was finally finished, I stuck it on the wall and took a step back.
I realised how connected we truly are, we hold each others hands even across the distance, across oceans, across miles and across nations.
We are all connected just as the scripture says, because we have one Papa.

Ephesians 4: 4 - 6There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

Here are the dolls!

Over the next few weeks leading up to the launch, I will be sharing lots more with you about the E - Book. But please stay tuned by subscribing and visiting, so you can see what God is up to.
It truly is exciting!
Let's fan in to flame the desire for God to touch our lives and the lives of the people around us, Father may Your Holy Spirit ignite us and lead us in to standing up together, for justice and for Truth! HalleluYah!

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