Sunday 19 April 2015

A Windows across Oceans Update - April 2015

I've got my hot water bottle snuggled up on my lap, and we anticipating our wonderful electricity provider to shut us down in an hour. The joys of corruption, so I'm racing against the clock here but I really wanted to share my heart in this post this evening. The very first update after a month of releasing our very first global book of stories. 

If it's your first time here, welcome! And do yourself a favour, go and check out our E - Book entitled, Windows across Oceans. You wont be sorry!

Now on to the exciting stuff...

This E - Book has truly been a blessing. I have learned so much through this God breathed project and I have seen so much! I have seen people set free through the stories in this book. I have seen people identify truths they have needed to receive in their own lives. I have heard people squeal (via the vitural world) with joy through what they themselves have felt this book is going to do and I myself am grateful tonight that there is a greater reason for our words, then we ever imagined there would be.

A day after the horrific Kenyan university attack, where Christians were targeted and martyred for their faith, God prompted my heart to make our first donation to Open Doors. Open Doors is one of the beneficiaries for this project and the money sent to them will be used to help our fellow sisters who are now widowed, orphaned, homeless, without food or hope in this world, due to the fact that their husbands, brothers, sons or nephews were killed for their faith in Christ. God prompted my heart and said send the money now! Though our book was only out for less then 14 days, I was blessed to be able to send R540/$45 to our sisters across the 10 - 40 window. How beautiful is it for us to make this small difference, let's not stop praying for our spiritual family who are experiencing this persecution!

Secondly, this windows across oceans project has morphed in to something I need to carry further. Something I call burnt ground was finally cast in stone this past Wednesday, on the day I said goodbye to my aunt who passed away after a long courageous battle against cancer. Please read about it here -  Burnt Ground.

Heather's story became the first story in this new reality and it's an open reality to the heart stories Yeshua will bring my way. May His Name be praised! We also had some guys purchase Windows across Oceans and we had many celebrate the beautiful words. This week, God - willing I will be speaking to Nitza Moshe from Remnant Radio and we will be doing a conversation about the E - Book, the vision and the heart behind it and we will be encouraging others to support this venture too. I will post this interview as soon as it's released. At the end of this month, I will announce the winner of the beautiful canvas picture by Ilse Kleyn and next month I will do our second donation handover to
All Girls Allowed
. Please keep on encouraging your friends and family members to purchase copies of this book, together we are making a difference! It's not just about the money, but about the inspiration, the love, the joining hands, the "sharing God"that is happening through this amazing project. 

Also, our artist JoDee Luna who has been an amazing support in this project, through her artwork for the front cover and in sharing the word about this book, she has put herself out there and will be doing something amazing to raise further funds for our beneficiaries but we will announce this in the next week or so, but it's exciting! 

Let's raise our hands up, lift them in the sky and give God all the glory because He is so worthy! HalleluYah! Let's do what we can do together, for His glory and to let someone else know that they are loved and special! (If you have purchased a copy of this book and have been touched somehow please let me know, our contributors would be blessed!)

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