Friday 19 February 2016

FMF - So full I can forget!

Five Minute Friday - this week's prompt is Forget! GO!

My husband and I were treated to an amazing day on a wine estate, where we got to blend our own tea and coffee, while enjoying a tasting experience. We got to explore the gardens and see the daily ritual of their 800 ducks making their way to the vineyards to work! The ducks are a highlight for sure, and at midday we sat down with 20 strangers and enjoyed a 3 course harvest lunch that lasted 3 hours. We chatted, we dined and we met people whom we would never have met before and I felt like I was part of a family. 
There was so much friendliness, openness and warmth and the gift of being present. This week has been a bit tough for me, knowing that we have a court case next week and feeling a bit scared writing a film script for the first time but today was a treat, a treasure. And among the peach trees and presence of strangers, my soul forgot, all those burdens and as the ducks quacked passed me, their beautiful faces told me that this is a gift from God. This sense of being full within, the sense of something satisfying, the moment of breathing and rest. The living reality of just being spoilt without having to pay for anything, and that is also grace. We were treated like family members without having to pay for that experience and when we left, we were given gifts too! That is grace isn't it, living grace - the kind of Grace I've been given as a child of God because I believe in Yeshua and in the physical I feel so satisfied, and I wondered do I sometimes forget to be satisfied in the spiritual, when I live everyday as a forgiven family member, invited to eat from the most glorious harvest table of Heaven, where I have been given gifts too! Our natural experiences echo our spiritual realities and today I am so full and I can hold that experience inside and express my thank you. Thank You to a Gracious God for ordaining today for me, for knowing how the move of the leaves and the birds voices on the breeze is all satisfying and to be around warm strangers, it's a buchu tonic for the soul.
Praise You God for You are Good!

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