Saturday 21 February 2015

FMF - Staying Open in the Pain

Staying open, it's something people struggle with. We have so much life to give from within us, but staying open amongst the pain, it's so hard to do. 

In the beginning when I first used to attend church meetings and youth groups with my husband, he would often pray for others. He would ask people to be open in their hearts to God's Love and word. It's amazing how you can feel when people around you are closed off. I remember praying for a young girl who needed prayer once and it was so hard to pray for her, the heart was closed.

I see these wounds within us (and we have all walked through this) as being a flower. God has shown it to me, like the flower on that Epic movie. Some flowers are just so open, while others are still closed buds. In the movie Queen Tara moves the flowers back so that the little bud could get the sunlight. In the darkness it could not bloom. That's what Messiah Yeshua, our King wants to do with us, expel the darkness that has ravaged our hearts so that He can shine the Light of His Glory in to our spirit. 

There is life within you precious one so much life - you just have to let the King of Glory come in and Shine His Love in to your heart. I know He wants to and I know He can because He loves each one of His beautiful flowers and all His buds still to bloom. May you be open, to the King of Peace who wants to come inside! The wounds on His Hands are big enough, to hold a hundred sorrows therein, His Owunds are big enough for you to sit in and big enough to Heal, Let Him in! 

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  1. Hello Grace Flower :-)
    Your blog is beautiful. I love your images and your poetic words.
    Visiting for the first time from 5MF, glad you were the post before mine.
    Continue to bloom.

  2. Hey Phyllis, it has been so good to meet you! Yip we are grace flowers, may God bless you! Glad you were next to me this week :)))))