Thursday 12 February 2015

BoyCott the Violence

Everyone! I urge you, as in I really urge you - to boycott this evil "Shades" movie (I wont even mention its name on my blog) that is due to be released this weekend.

This movie is totally evil and perverse, it also promotes domestic violence, rape and hurting women. I have no doubt that many people will be influenced by the evil in this movie and it will be used by the enemy to hurt many. 

Here is a great article about this movie, A Trilogy of Deceit 

And to sign a petition against this movie and to learn what you can do to help abused women and to inform others about this evil please visit this site! End Sexual Exploitation 

There is so much evil going on right now and so much pain and suffering in this world, we know that it is going to get worse in these final days but let's not lose hope that Messiah Yeshua is always in control. Our job is to shine our light, speak out against evil and do what we can while the light still shines! In these days we are called to be disciples, so let's follow in the footsteps of our Rabbi and speak our against injustice! Let's join our voices together and keep praying and acting!

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