Sunday 1 February 2015

Don't Miss Reading about Female Ritual Servitude!

When we returned from Ghana last year I wanted to share about my experience regarding this practice that is just horrendous! However Father led me to wait and now the time was right to share it. I have been receiving emails from everywhere, much to my amazement and blessing, from people who have read this article and been moved. It's important to know about - please give it a read if you have not done so already! And share it!

Here are three comments that got posted elsewhere on this article: 

- This made my heart sad. It's sad, the evil in this world and the things that others go through. I will be praying...nothing is impossible with God. Very well written article. ---- Tammy

- Just read Aliyah's article on Forced Female Servitude. The majority of Christians in the U.S. experience patriarchy in its most milk-toast form, never giving a thought to how this plays out in the rest of our giant world. By tolerating patriarchy, we help enslave and murder women in the rest of the world. May God forgive us. - Randi

Thank you for bringing this to light - Rose 

Click on the following link to read the article
Female Ritual Servitude 

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