Monday 9 February 2015

Windows across Oceans, Tidbits from our Journey

The author's words are powerful. They echo in to the darkness and shine light within our own space. As our hearts begin to radiate the light within, the darkness has no choice but to bow its head and flee. We radiate with the light of our Messiah, our words and stories are the threads in His tapestry, we are all part of His symphony, in a song and in a sound that will never end.....

Some of the author's words from the Book, Windows across Oceans, to be released 21 March 2015. More tidbits to follow in the weeks ahead...

Abigail's Story, Gendercide 

 Chris' Story, Hope

Jeri's Story, Discovering Self 

Miryam's Story 

 Bianca's Story, Overcoming

Brinda's Story, The Call

(Thank you to Studio Chayel for the use of her Beautiful Pictures, for this project!)

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