Monday 2 March 2015

The little Girl in Daddy's Garden

I wanna tell you a story... a story of a little girl who loved her daddy's garden. She would play for hours in the wildnerness of the garden, beneath the shady sycamore trees and among the wild flowers that grew across the hills. She would watch the birds dance and spread their wings. She would watch the ants collecting leaves and the squirrels darting across the trees. Everything hung so beautifully, so untamed yet orderly, in her daddys garden. She would roam and wander until the coolness settled and the sun began to wane, when the cool breeze blew from some place unknown and she would hear her daddys steps crunching upon the leaves. She would swing her arms open wide and listen to his stories, perfect daddy with his princess daughter. It was perfect and to its perfection there seemed to be no end. Until one day, one day when it turned cold and the sudden leaves were white instead of green. The little girl felt the cold descend upon the garden and somewhere inside shame gripped her spirit and her face. She knew daddy had given her rules, only one or two and yet hidden away from sight, she just had to bend what daddy said. His footsteps descended upon the garden, everything felt different and the little girl dropped her face, the garden was no longer her place. Yet, daddy taught her about sacrifice and clothed her with the skin from the animal he had killed, just so she could see another day, so great was daddys grace. As she walked the path towards the exit gate, a gate she had never seen before, she held one last leaf in her hand and felt for the first time in her life, a painful suffocating emotion called sadness. 

One night as she lay beside the fire she had never needed inside the garden, she traced within her mind, the rivers that flowed from Eden's gates. The four rivers stretched and interlaced throughout the land daddy had first given. Suddenly and quickly the aging child felt something move within her spirit. Something deep and unknown. She clutched at her stomache as she sat up and wondered. On the day she had left Eden daddy had told her that he loved her and blessed her calling her Chavah. "Chavah," she wondered out loud, "the life giving well of God." The aging child looked back across the stretching distance, to all she had left behind and realised just how deeply the rivers of Eden flowed within her. She tugged at the animal skin across her flesh, she felt its warmth and protection, she felt its life given for hers and clothed within was little Chavah, safe and warm. Chavah jumped to her feet and ran towards the nearest tree, she touched its silver leaves and breathed "little tree live again!" She felt as though daddy was smiling, all was not lost she still had so much more to give, so much more from within. Chavah lay down and curled up beside the man daddy had given her, the man named Adam who had helped call life from within her. She drew her knees up towards her belly and stretched her spirit wide, Chavah, the life - giving wonder of God.


There is so much wonder and beauty about Chavah,(the original name of Eve was the Hebrew name Chavah) that we could unpack for years. Over the passed few weeks Father God has shown me this beautiful picture of Chavah as an innocent girl in the Garden of Eden. In my story, I am not blaming Chavah for the fall of man, the scriptures say that Adam was with her when they ate the fruit (Genesis 3:6), in short they both enjoyed the sour fruit salad together and reaped its runny tummy reward. However, the story above is for you, its for me, we are all the Chavah's Yahweh our God created us to be. So the focus of the story is Chavah.

In Hebrew Chavah is a beautiful name which modern concordances merely translate as "mother of life." By this many have equated Chavah with motherhood. But being a mother is more then just giving birth or having children. A deeper study of Hebrew shows us this. 
Chavah was called to be the very first person to give life to the earth by producing more life. Of course Adam was part of this intimate reality with her, but her unique name Chavah shows us something about her purpose. Through the fact that she was the very first person called out by God (given a God - sized dream) to be the "mother" of all those who are living, her name indicates that she was a well of living life to the people around her. She foreshadowed the Ultimate Life - Giver Yeshua, who became the Life - Giving Spirit who redeemed us (1 Corinthians 15:45). In a sense Chavah was a life - giver, she with God's help and blessing, gave life to the earth. A deep well of life.
I want to tell you that, that in a deeper sense has little to do with physical children.
Each one of us are spirit, and each one of us can only be spiritual life - givers when we are filled with the Ultimate Life - Giver Yeshua Himself. Being One with our Saviour should give you and me deep life within, and this life shoudl overflow on to others. 

Chavah ran around naked and unashamed in her daddys garden. Her skin brushed against the beautiful flowers that sang God's praises everyday. I believe her skin smelled of Eden, a fragrance that said "God is in this place."  

What does this mean to us as daughters of Chavah? It means all of the above, it means you are being a life giving spirit when you share Yeshua's Life and Love with others. It means you are being someone who gives life, when you just allow yourself to rest, when you allow your God - dreams to live and when you just find yourself abandoned to Yeshua and His call. Being Chavah is not just about physical parenthood, its about spiritual life and that's the lesson Chavah can teach us today. Touch your belly, expand your spirit and let God breathe life in to your being, a life that's Heavenly fragrant!

Happy Women's Month! Celebrate!


  1. OH. This line: "I believe her skin smelled of Eden, a fragrance that said 'God is in this place.' " I want my skin to smell of Eden, to say, wherever I am, "God is in this place." It's hard to imagine a greater earthly beauty than this.

    Thank you for joining your words with Small Wonder.

    1. Hey Amber thank you - I agree with you its hard to imagine a greater earthly beauty than this. May God bless your skin to smell of Eden!