Saturday 14 March 2015

Lines from our Hearts, Extracts from our Stories, Windows across Oceans

Again, we witness the lines of our stories and wonder how we got here. We see the lines of Life that stretched across our hearts and know that as some point, at every point there was turning point. A moment where God came in, where Messiah full of Love and Grace, opened the door and showed us the way. He said "Get up and Live!" And we were made alive again! These are some of the lines from our stories, from our E - Book coming out on the 21 March this year. Here are some of the lines of our hearts..... (some of the writing came out really small, if you cant make out the words, you can just click on the picture!)

Jodee's Story, The Giver

Angelisa's Story, Her story

Safie's Story, Child Brides

Aliyah's Story, Teacher of Righteousness

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