Wednesday 11 March 2015

How Burn Out saved my Life


This week I shared an article with the wonderful ladies over at Velvet Ashes. Velvet Ashes is a place where women who are serving in countries not their own, as labourers in the field, can get together and connect. Share their hearts and stories. Serving in ministry anywhere is hard, there are so many obstacles to face - in all the years that my husband and I have served in full - time ministry, I can honestly say each year has had its challenges. Often people tell us that they want to leave their well paying jobs and go in to full - time ministry. We just smile and tell them "just make sure this is where God wants you to be." It's true, you have to be where God wants you to be.

This basically sums up the story I share this week, it's all about burn out. Opening up my heart to share with you how I had to allow myself the privilege and opportunity to break and when I did, there was freedom and growth. It comes at a very "ironic" place within my own life, so yea!

Here is my story, please click over to it and may it bless your life today!

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