Friday 20 March 2015

#Real is Raw - Five Minute Friday

Aint nothing better than being real! Kate's prompt this five minute friday got me thinking about a conversation my husband and I had recently. I am a pretty passionate person. Some people say its the Spanish heritage and well I got a Norwegian grandpa, that could be making up for the other part of me - that jumps up and down and talks really loudly and just wants to take off. Haha. It's funny I think we just are who we are. When I was studying my Masters class for Psychology we had to do marriage therapy classes, for those who wanted to specialise in marriage therapy. I wasnt one of them but loved the marriage classes. We learned that generally in marriages and relationships one person is a monkey (outgoing) and the other partner is a tortoise (more introverted). It makes sense, you have to have balance. But being real is all about being yourself and finding who you really are and living it. The best advice my mom ever gave me was "if you meet someone and fall in love, he must love you as you are and not try and change you."
It's true! Marriage changes us too - iron should sharpen iron, but it should change us for the best not for the worst. So from my side, I know I can be myself around my hubs and sometimes real is raw and it's okay. So let's get real!!
Question this week: How do you think your heritage has shaped who you are?

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  1. visiting from FMF. Yes, our partners should accept us for who we are. Doesn't mean they can't encourage better of us, or that we shouldn't change to accommodate them. Good marriages allow for that as well. :)

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