Monday 16 March 2015

Every blade of Grass has an angel..

Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers
"grow, grow, grow!"
- The Talmud 

I am that blade of grass, reaching for the tiny droplets of water that roll across the rocks. Reaching, stretching, praying with my hands together, for a drop of water. A single blade on burnt ground, feeling the seering heat of the burning sun.

I wonder, I drop my head, head bowed and then suddenly a droplet crashes over me and I smile. I can live again, for another day. Tomorrow I will reach again and pray that water will find me and it will all be okay. As the dark of night settles, I drop my head to sleep and feel the pain in my neck and in my weak knees and weary feet. I whisper softly in to the air, "God please keep me safe, send your angels to care for me, lifting me up in the strong clasp of their hands." I am assured that He hears me, my Abba Loving Father is never far from me. I lift my head up for a single glance over the ocean in the distance, over the beautiful horizon that's dusted by the sun and I hear the tiny whisper "grow, grow, grow, rise up and live." I know it is for me, I know that God has never left me, providing the daily morning dew and droplets of water from the fountains above. I stretch out my arms and hands and feel warmth run through my tiny body. I am a blade of grass in the morning sun, waiting, hoping and praying. The valley around me is desolate, the ground burnt up, yet I survived and I am still here, sprouting in the desolation. New life will come, somehow I know it will come. For today, I hear the whispers of Love and Encouragement, my God says "I am here, grow, grow, grow."

Encouraged by Isaiah 35, Matthew 6 and Psalm 91

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  1. "Tiny grass is dreaming..." Dreaming of its Creator, no doubt. Your post blessed me. Thank you for linking up with the Small Wonder Community.