Friday 12 June 2015

FMF - The world I call Home, South Africa!

FMF - Five Minutes of Writing, GO!

I loved Kate's prompt this week - yey! And I loved her writing about South Africa. Yup, I'm South African, very deeply so. My moms family were French Hugenoets escaping religious persecution in europe so they arrived here in the 17th century and settled down. Here they stayed! My dads family are a mixture of Spanish Jews, also who settled here in the 19th century and they got some British blood mixed up in here. I am deeply South African! 
My husband is too and his family generations span just as long, I am African! This is where our heart beats. It is true, this country is deeply religious but Cape Town is a city of revival. Many people have testified ot this reality. When you fly in to Cape Town, you feel it and I am so glad that my feet live here and my heart lives here.
My husband and I have travelled to other countries and we always get the same response when we say we are South African, but you not black! Haha, yup we have 5 million white people here and loads more Indians, and other nationalities. That is why we are called the rainbow nation! But we are also a land afflicted by crime and corruption, a very real problem and something we pray about daily.

Last year when my husband and I went on a mission trip to Ghana, I realised how powerful it was to stand up and minister to my sisters about restoration from slavery and true restoration in Yeshua. I realised that the message that beats in my heart of restoration carries so much weight because I come from a beautiful land, the Southern most tip of Africa where two oceans, one hot, one cold; here they meet and collide. They kiss and then divide and yet here they begin and here they end, just like all our terrible pasts but glorious futures. With tears in my eyes - I am in love with this land and my heritage and God be praised that He made me right here, right now....

Stop! (WOW I cant believe I wrote all this is five minutes, I was writing it with tears!)
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  1. What a beautiful place to be! Stopping over from FMF, glad to be neighbors there this week.

  2. Hi Katie, thank you :) Many blessings

  3. The Huguenots! Oh boy. I should have known. What wonderful people. Get the wonderful stories of their life and share it. They were slaughtered and still rose up to praise the Lord. The blood that flows through your body is precious and true. Blessings, my sister, blessings ~Chris~

    1. Shalom Chris - indeed yeah, it is so true. Today in prayer I was really deeply led to thinking about the generations passed in my family line, I want to prayerfully get some more of these stories! Thank you my sis - I am so happy to be part of this land whose legacy is deep and rich!