Friday 26 June 2015

God Dreams

I've been thinking a lot about dreams lately, about what happens when you fulfill a dream and then you move on. Like the movie Tangled, she got to witness the floating lanterns and then she had to find another dream. I have come to realise that God dreams too, He dreams of us. He dreams of someone with a humble heart like Moses, someone with the strength to lead like Deborah and the love of Christ to change nations. Dreams mean little without the Original Dreamer. I know that as a little girl I dreamt of writing but I lost my dream in the flowing river of life, until Yeshua resurrected it but with His Power and Purpose. I never want to have a dream without Him and I know that every dream is surrendered in to His Hands. I am so thankful that this year saw the blessed fulfillment of one of my God dreams. 

I guess lately I have been praying to God to show me what is the next dream, what is the next mission. I am not sure yet but I do know that He has me and whatever the next call is, the next mission of purpose, it's always exciting!
May God bless you and lead you in all the God - dreams you have within you!

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  1. I have been praying hard lately about dreams and keeping my eyes on Him to lead me through the pursuit of these dreams. It's exciting when we partner with Him...the Creator of dreams.

    1. Hi Audra, amen you are so right. There are no dreams worth pursuing outside of our Creator, may He lead you as You consider these new paths!