Saturday 6 June 2015

The Gift of Equality

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 Tonight I had this fire burning inside of me, place there by Yeshua's fiery Love. I had to write and commit to paper the message He was giving me and as I wrote and penned all about the women in the earliest congregations I felt so in awe. I love writing about these women, and calling other women forth. My husband and I have believed in biblical equality from the very beginning. That's the very essence of what we stand for, and it's a gift. A true gift. Seeing one another as equally called, equally gifted and equally able is a gift and it's truly a blessing to co - rule, co - labour and co - manage our marriage and our creation. This has always been our conviction and as we sail these seas of life, its helped us in so many ways. Seeing others as equals is part of the restoration of God. In South Africa we have such a history of inequality and now from these ashes we rise up and speak of equality. Equality across borders, equality because its part of the bride. She is arrayed in different colours and nationalities, comprised of us all. How beautiful is the gift of equality across our divides. Thank You God for this gift of beautiful equality!

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  1. The title of your blog caught my attention - the warrior and the flower. I've been thinking a lot about this lately - how a man's strength is balanced out by a women's tenderness and emotion, how that strength needs a safe place to come and be vulnerable and weak. I too love how God made us equal but different - able to complement each other and strenghthen and support each other in marriage.
    Thanks for sharing the fire inside.
    *an FMF neighbor stopping by from