Friday 18 December 2015

Guest Post - Why the End of China's One Child Policy Matters to Me

Hi Everyone!

I am writing over at Christian for Biblical Equality again, this week. I have written a heartfelt article on why The End of China's One Child Policy, Matters to Me. Please go and take a read!

Here's the intro and the link! Have a fab Day!

My husband and I were sitting in a restaurant waiting for our food. A young couple sat down at the table just in front of us.
“So,” my husband began, “I know you told me not to tell you about all the news stories I’ve read today, but I read something interesting you need to know about.”
“China has ended its one-child policy.”
The waiter arrived and placed our food on the table, but I could barely see my meal. I was dumbstruck by the news my husband had shared. I thought back to the years of prayers on the issue of gendercide in China. I recalled the group of women who gathered on International Women’s Day last year to discuss the plight of Chinese women and girls.
Thirty-seven million girls have been lost.....
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  1. Wow!! All those years of death and evil...yet we have a hope!! Not only in God's ability to work in people's lives but now hope in the light of change. There may be much to be done to get people to understand the importance of ALL human beings...but we keep working at showing them the Way!!! Thanks for sharing. Followed you over at "Coffee for the Heart".

    1. Hi Ann!
      Its good to meet you, yup all those years of death, it is so sad and yet you are so right, that hope of change that God brings. I am in awe of it! I love your words today and I pray you will have a blessed holiday season. much lv!

  2. God hears and answers in wonderful ways. Praising God with you about this!