Tuesday 29 December 2015

The Posts that Lingered Longer - 2015

I decided to do a post where I could remind myself (and you all!) of the messages that came through to me. This little reminder turned our harder then expected. Every post means something to me,  I dont just post for the sake of it, I post when my heart beats louder! SO instead I decided to recap on the posts that lingered, the ones I can't forget and the ones that sparked a flame! Here they are! Enjoy!

  1. How Burn Out saved my Life
  2. Female Ritual Servitude
  3. Remember those Fries?
  4. Why the End of China's One Child Policy Matters to Me
  5. Touching Icebergs
  6. Dirty Paint Brushes
  7. Finding His Breath in Rest
  8. We've come Home
  9. A Legacy on Tour
  10. Finding Self, in Kitchen

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