Wednesday 9 December 2015

Touching Icebergs and Learning

Yesterday, hubby and I enjoyed a great day out, among all the tourists and holiday - makers. We visited the Titanic Exhibition, which was incredibly moving and haunting and then we sat outside beneath the trees and the gulls, eating our lamb schwarma and sipping our smoothies. Our backdrop was the ultimate scene, one I grew up seeing everyday from the big windows of my home by the beach, Table Mountain. I must say that my heart swells with pride about being a Capetonian, my parents families have been here for a combined 400 years, we are truly of this soil. And everytime I visit the Waterfront and observe how the tourists gush at the beauty, I cannot help but say "yip, thats my mountain baby!" 

(Me, touching the iceberg at the exhibition, boy it was freezing!)

(Us, with our headsets <3)

We enjoyed the sense again of being on holiday and just chilling, I dont think we do it enough but it was great. This week, I have been wrestling with a number of things, and through the very pieces of cotton that Yeshua uses to thread my life, He has also been telling me many things. This year both hubby and I have been blessed to sow deep seed. Much of the seed I have sown this year, will only be seen in the future. Sometimes that is hard, it makes me wonder, it leaves room for that nagging place that says "am I making a difference?" It's not a question I ask in public, it's a private one. And this afternoon I received a mail from someone I recently met and she echoed the same words about her own life. In a moment I realised, so many of us maybe ask the same question. 

The great comfort God has given me is a truth which may not make sense to anyone else but it makes sense to me. He told me that my work, my words and my message does not exist in the future, it exists in the present. It exists between me and God, between our hearts. I can laugh about the beauty of it, I can share with Him the magnificence of it. I dont have to wait until July next year to celebrate my book and it's prophetic message, I can celebrate it today because it is exists today. It always has existed in the heart of God, so it has always been a reality even when it was not yet written by me. It existed when I took my first breath and when Isaiah prophesied His first prophecy and it existed when Eve ate from the apple, the message He wants me to share has always existed because God has always existed. And at this particular point of time, He brought me forth to speak it, so it's alive from the moment it was conceived, so today I can rejoice. I can rejoice because it's real, its not future bound, its present bound and Yahweh hears my heart beat, my daydreaming and my whispers and we can share it and what we share between us alone, draws us closer in intimacy. It is alive today.

I also received an encouraging email devotion, which really spoke to me. Spoke to me about the new things I am wrestilng with. The new moments of stepping in to a different space. It came with some encouraging words:

"When we were children we didnt have a fear of messing up. In fact that's how we learned to walk, to eat, to talk and to learn. We fell down, we got food on the floor, uttered gibberish, and messed up our colors before perfecting all those activities. Yet, somewhere along the way we became afraid of making mistakes and that's when our development slowed down."

"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.. Proverbs 24:16 teaches that falling down but getting up again, is that pathway to greatness."

There was so much more in that email that just really ministered to me, I just thought I would share a few snippets in case you need it too. Bless you! 

I’m having Coffee For Your Heart with my friend Holly Gerth

Dance with Jesus


  1. Hi Set-apart Warrior,
    This is a wonderful message! Like you, I struggle with wondering if I'm making a difference, and I wonder what will happen to the seed I've sown. I like your message of enjoying the "Now" of my life and realizing that my effort makes a difference now. In reality, my audience is Yahweh and he sees all I do. Thank you for that great reminder.

    1. Hey Laurie, can I give you a big hug. Even, now I am realising how so many of us ask that question. And how that question matters in our lives.Yet, even you leaving me a comment here has made a difference in my life today, so in effect we really are touching each others lives. Another big hug! Thank you fo rstopping by and making a difference in my life today. Yip, God does see our small seeds. Many blessings!