Friday 4 December 2015

The Seasons Door now Shut

Joining five Minute Friday today, for a Great one word prompt - Season! GO!

I drove home my eyes filled with gentle tears, the Hand of Love in my heart. Art season has come to an end, the term is done. I took up art to have fun but this term has been discouragingly hard. I guess my heart felt sad everytime I had to rack my tired brain, left brain - right brain, this brain that brain. Too much. This term much has been going on beyond art, getting my book finished, working with a difficult editor, who knocked my confidence somewhat but yet I have fought against it all. Stood tall and worked hard at my second book. Most nights I am up to 1am crafting this writing craft, on a roll so much so that I dont want to close my eyes. But inside I am also desperate for some rest, some holiday time. I flicked through the brochures this morning, at all those seaside pictures, yet knowing we wont be going on holiday, this bank balance dont approve. 
But, it's okay. God is the One who gives the holiday and the rest, it has come in knowing that certain things are done. This year has brought those shutters to a close and as I drove from art, I realised the door is closed and I can rest, the season for this year is over. Strangely enough with all these feelings, my teacher believes I did one of my best art works yet. Even though I shed some tears about it, where no one could see. I was most blessed to try my hand at a portrait, a beautiful little China girl adopted by a new friend. She is so sweet and my last activity was to capture her character, and her emotion, the fun in the hues and shades of blue. Think I will share this picture below. Whatever season is done, it's really good just to know no more working hard, its time to rest!

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  1. Sad to see that no one has yet commented on your post on Season. I think you did an amazing job capturing the emotion of the little China girl your friend adopted. I know of a couple that adopted two! :) Adopting is certainly a wonderful thing, God bless you for that! I love children myself and look forward to trying to have kids with my husband. We're both artists ourselves and I'm a brand new blogger and, in turn, I'm also new to the FMF community - parked at #55. I'm also getting back to having a relationship with God and would love words of encouragement. :)

    1. Hey Alura. Thank you so much for stopping by, yeah I have noticed the FMF community arent commenting on each others stuff as much anymore, its pretty sad. But that's why I appreciate your comment so much, thank you! I pray your relationship with God will strengthen over time! Many blessings!