Friday 3 October 2014

Thirty one Meditations from the Heart

This year I decided to connect with the community over at 31 Days, for the challenge of posting each day in October. I am not sure why I am linking up maybe I just don't want to be left out! Haha, but maybe just maybe I am just crazy and want to just wave away at the big community and introduce myself.
So here I am.....

Each day as I share a meditation, I will add it to this introductory post, and see what Father God is bringing out of my heart and what He is saying to me in this season. I am a busy lady, so I may not always be able to share every day but what I am able to do, is just be part of it all and get to meet everyone!
So here goes! (Strangely enough - I had a bad cold for like 14 days, so I didnt get to post up as much as I wanted, but what I did post was epic haha!) Enjoy!

1. Embracing Sabbath's Rest
2. Our Heritage Connections
3. How can I help a friend who is being abused?  
4. That Old Hat 
5. My Temporary Hut
6. Aslan Inspiration Quotes  
7. The Freedom Climb
8. You were not born for Dishonour 

( I want to say thank you to Karen from Finding the Grace Within for helping me with my button!) 

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