Wednesday 22 October 2014

You were not born for Dishonour

I want to tell you today that the world is full of the enemy's desire to devalue and dishonour.
And I want to tell you that our Father, our Comforting Daddy, our Strong King of Kings, our Nurturing Mama, our Beloved Saviour who died to give us everything, He is not a God of dishonour.

He is a God who reaches down from Heaven, picks up each tear that rolls down our cheek and pains with us in the struggle.
I am not just saying these things because I think they are true, I am saying these things because today was a day where I felt it, where I knew it and I know it still and I believe that you need to know it too.

Yeshua our Messiah, He loves us. So passionately, so fiercely. Dear friend and family member, I want to tell you that you are special, you are valuable. Do you know when other people say things to hurt you, when they don't listen to you, when they judge you before they know you, when they don't hear the beating of your soul, when they cant see the beauty of your spirit, do you know that when it pains inside of you - that your Father pains inside too. It is true.

But I want to reach over to you today and turn your face back to God. You are learning beautiful one, you are learning, you are learning in the pain to know who you are. Because this is the season where God is doing amazing wonders for those who are His. He calls you a Rose of Sharon, a lilly of lillies among the wild flowers of the valley. God really loves you - feel it in your spirit, be renewed - know it's true. And you know what I want to tell you something, something that is also true - I am sending love to you because my heart is so full of Messiah's Love for you. If you are reading this, it is no accident, there are no accidents with God. You are accepted in Messiah, He does not withdraw from you. Do you think He is afraid of your pain, or your sin? He is big and tough and oh so brave and oh how He is filled with Love for you. He values you precious one, come in to His arms. I love you!

(I'm having coffee with my friend Holley Gerth today!)


  1. Again. Beautifully written from your heart. :-)

  2. Hey Jeri! Thank you - I am just so blessed to share what Father lays on my heart, I really pray He will minister to many through His words. Thank you so much for this compliment, I receive it as a beautiful blessing, may you be blessed and keep up the work for the Kingdom!