Saturday 26 July 2014

Five Minute Friday - It is Finished

That time again to link up where we write for five minutes from our hearts! This weeks prompt is Finish, I am excited to link up from the field of Ghana!
I love what God does, the wonders of His ways. Taking me to Ghana to woe me more, to love me more, to teach me more, to change me once irrevocably. To do more and say more heart to heart that mere words cannot express.

There is a wonderful burning bush, beautiful burst of fresh flowers of a beginning which my husband and I have been given on this trip. A new leg of the journey, a new time and space to fulfill our Beloveds call. While the door of beginning opens, somewhere the door is closing, the hard chapter we were in before has finished. But God is so filled with passionate love and commitment that He took us to a precipice, showed us the beauty of the unadulterated sky and said this is what I have for you. Thank you Father that when you say that time is finished - it truly is, thank you for taking us across the earth and sky to show us more of our call and who we are. I am abandoned to Your call of finishes and beginnings!


  1. Love this one and what a wonderful opportunity to go to Ghana. visiting from fmf.

  2. "Abandoned to Your call of finishes and beginnings." I think I understand what you are saying here. I like it. I'm wondering about this word, "abandoned." I'll have to think about that a bit longer.
    I would love to hear more about the little one in the picture!