Friday 11 July 2014

Five Minute Friday: Belong

Five minute Friday Again! Where we write for five minutes and see what comes out. This week I really prayed and asked Father for a message. The message He gave me was about shame, the burden of shame individuals carry from the Garden of Eden. I started writing and it just happened!
Move out from those shadows, from behind that tree, move out from the darkness - the place you've chosen to hide from me.
Come on out - I know where you are, don't hide from me, I see everything you are.
That's it, come on out, I ain't gonna hurt you, I am hear to see you. Now let me take a good look at you.
Well child you look broken and bruised, and what's this you got tied round you Looks like fig leaves with some loose ends unsewn..
Now how's that gonna cover you? How's that gonna keep you? How's that gonna sustain you when I am all that you need.
Now come on over, a little closer. That's it step up closer, a little nearer. Why you got your end tilted to the ground - when I made you your head was high enough in faith to hold a crown.
Now what's gone on, what's got you so bad - is that shame you are hiding, the burden of sin that you trying to hide?
Why didn't you come to me, come running to me, I wanted you to even though you had fallen so bad. That apple left a bitter taste on your tongue didn't it - well it's gonna leave more then that. Aint no body can help you now girl child. But hey - don't look down, look up because man cant help you but me, well I am God - only God can keep you now.
Now come over here with those fig leaves, I don't like them one bit - here take these skins, an offering and clothe yourself for the long haul. Put on new garments child, I have saved you but been saved is a whole lot different from being fully redeemed. I dont want your head low - I just want you up close, near to me, next to me and loving me. Be near child, shame does not have a place - come over child because I love you...



  1. I was writing on this word today as well! How fun to see what God gave you for this word. I am your link neighbor with Beauty Observed.

    1. Hi Ginger thanks - how awesome that you are writing on this word as well, nice to meet you neighbor and many blessings.

  2. Always love posts like this that draw us close to the heart of God!

    1. Thanks Jen - nice to see you here! blessings

  3. This is a great post. Man can't help but only God... He forgives and cleanses and heals us :)

    I'm a new friend from the angel project... Nice to meet you!