Monday 11 April 2016

Life in Photo's - Speaks

No words, just wanted to share some pictures with one word that describes the moment! I love pictures and starting to love seeing all over again...

 Unexpected Comfort / Warmth


 Throwback Memories 2007

 Heavens Smile

 Something old & Beautiful


 Food after Flu

 Best Friend <3

 Boepsie - mad about her! (Moms Dog)

 Sherry! Melts your heart! (Dad's Dog!)


 Endless Love.......


 The only kind of Coffee to drink _ Truth coffee! (served by a guy named Byblos, no kidding)

Learning / Exhausted 

What's being inspiring and teaching you this week?

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Tuesday Talk 


  1. Hello! we are 'neighbors' at the Small Wonder link up this week. I enjoyed your 'just photos' post--the cafe sign "pretend like it's 1995" made me smile. Thanks for this.

    1. Hey Jody, so great to meet you, thank you for visiting. I just love this sign, its so true isnt it. May you have a wonderful week.