Saturday 2 April 2016

Lessons I learned or things I felt in March!

I love this process, this very special quite reflection on the month I wave goodbye. I am learning so much with Yeshua, so so much and again it's pretty deep stuff, so here's what I can share about my March month.

Friends come in unexpected places! My husband did a wedding for two strangers over 4 years ago. Since then he has kept in touch with the groom, who has now become a friend. They lived far away but recently moved to our little town and he has turned out to be a really good friend to my hubs. An unexpected friend, someone who comes when our car is broken, or we just need a coffee and support, someone who just comes and I think it's really nice that.

People can still be kind. My husband and I went to grab a take away and we stopped at a coffe kiosk. We ordered coffee and wanted to pay by card but they couldn't take cards. We had only half the money in our wallets to pay, so we were basically stuck with nowhere to get money from. Suddenly a young guy to our left leaned over and gave us all the money for our coffee, I was stumped. LIke that has never happened to me before! I was speechless. I am used to a world where people don't care and here was a young guy paying for our coffee, it was mind blowing. There is still kindness in this world, have you encountered this ever? I pray a blessing over that good samaritan!

Family is not always physical. I had to say goodbye to a good friend this week who is leaving for overseas and at the same time, we said hi to some of my husbands family. In this all I lived out what I firmly believe and felt it even more, our hearts love deeply those who become family and we don't always get along with those who are family. That's why the scripture says, he places us in a family and I am so thankful for the wonderful people I have in my life who have become my spiritual family!

Mistakes are human and that's where Grace abounds. At the beginning of March I was overcome with despair, I poured out my heart to God about a decision I thought was right but I blundered. I truly repented before Him and felt such tremendous Grace and love wash over my soul. I was reminded of the fragile nature of my humanness, a life with unknowing mistakes, it sometimes happens and God knows our hearts. My intentions had been so good in choosing what I chose, but it was not a whole decision. I am also grateful that God turned it around for me, thank You Father.

I am an individual, who is learning very deeply about the cogs and springs of my deepest being. I have been learning so much about certain things about myself. Yeshua is showing me things about myself, things that are good, things that He has placed inside of me, things I can rejoice in and attend to now that I have made peace with where my life is in this season. It's been amazing.

Winter is on its way, grateful for the rain! It's been raining in Cape Town so much and I am so thankful, our country has been in a terrible drought and this rain is great. Winter is on its way and I need some winter clothes!

I love experiencing the things I see. I had an amazing techy camera, that was too techy for me, I never gave it time, so I sold it about 2 years ago. Since then I havent taken photos like I used to and recently I was reading a friends blog and seeing her love for photos has re - awakened this love in me and I have started taking pictures again. It's such a calming part of me, it takes me off in to another world.

That's it, hope your March was good, until next month! Chatting at Emily's


  1. What a delightful read today. I enjoyed learning about your March and your continuing walk with Jesus. Blessings to you! I'm your neighbor at Emily Freeman's #WhatWeLearned.

    1. Hey Gayl, thanks for visiting and so glad you enjoyed the read. Many blessings to you*

  2. What a powerful, impactful month March was for you! I love it! (And all the Yes and Amens for photography and peace and how it takes us somewhere different... deeper... so glad you are doing it again!)

    1. Hey Karrilee, thanks :)Yip it's been deep, so thankful. Have a wonderful week