Saturday 2 April 2016

FMF - Shifting Change

FMF, five minutes of uninterrupted writing, this weeks prompt decide.... Go!

This week I had to say goodbye to a friend who is going to the U.K. A friend we met over 2 years ago when she walked in to our bible study group, broken and somewhat afraid. After a life - changing meeting with Yeshua Messiah (Jesus), it was amazing to watch her life change and to see her grow. Friendships are something special, often times I think they are like the seasons, they deepen and change without even being aware of the magnitude of the depth and the change. We grow accustomed to that beauty  of closeness, that wonder of knowing I have someone I can count on and they have someone to count on in me. Friendships start without knowing how they start or why they start and then they become a part of our lives and we share our hearts, and our lives with each other. 

Inevitably, seasons do shift and change like water colours on canvas and the friendship remains though there may come distance or change. Life is full of these surprises, none of us stay in the same house forever, none of us stay single forever or never venture far out. We change and grow and it's time for her to change and grow. To fly and learn, to go where she needs to go. Tonight as I walked her to the front door to say one final goodbye, with a question in her eyes she said "we going to fine."
"Yip, we going to be fine." We going to be fine because we are friends, and we are sisters despite the radical changes we now face and despite the distance, we are going to be fine because we have decided that friendship is beyond space or distance, it's in our hearts. How we decide to grieve our changed season is up to us, when we grieve is also relevant but one thing remains solid and true, friendship exists because of me and you. 

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  1. "Friendship is beyond space or distance, it's in our hearts." That's so true. Thinking of you and your friends- goodbyes are hard when we know we won't see someone we care about nearly as often as we're used to, but I'm sure your friendship will continue and it is easier than ever before to keep in good contact with people who are far away. Visiting from FMF.