Friday 22 January 2016

FMF - His arms open with Presents

Five minute Friday, this week's prompt is present! GO!

This week, crazy. Beating heart, quick steps. Walk slowly beside the King of Kings. Hearing noises all around - knowing that the situation is hard but walking slowly, companion deep in the companionship with the One who Comforts.

Arms open wide, I run in. Mouth open wide, I drink from His precious words, this week my wall growing fuller from His many promises, stuck up on my wall, painting cool cement. I see them all - His precious words and I touch the paper, more then just words.

God of Peace, The Strong God, Warrior God, God of Justice, the Just God. The never sleeping nor slumbering God. The unfailing, Magnificent God. The Lover, the all Encompassing God. Stand Firm, in opposition to evil - I hear these words and I tremble in my standing, tremble with precious victory. These words, Heaven - birthed, they resound in to my heart, presents from His precious nail - pierced hands, big enough to hold my beating heart. I am an Israelite fleeing through the Red Sea, but on the other side I am safe, tambourine in hand, I sing. Here I stand on a riverbank of victory, armed with Presents of Justice, mercy and Love all from the Loving God, the Great I am.... I drink deep....

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  1. Beautiful words. Thank you for the reminder of all that God is and all that He has done! Many blessings to you!