Wednesday 19 August 2015

Truth be Told, breaking out the mould

The passed two months away from my blog, resting and seeking Yeshua in the quietness and peace has been a time of deep reflection. Highs and lows will always be there but when one discovers more of themself, then its truly a blessing. I truly love this King and love the fact that daily He gathers me in to His arms, yes it's true - no day looks the same, some days we are tough other days we need that gentle embrace. What a journey.

Logging back on to my blog this evening for the first time (save for a handful of hasty posts) awakened me to face a number of things that I have been turning over in my thoughts. Thoughts that Messiah was listening to and allowing me to  think about and meditate on. In many ways I have faced the fact that I almost got lost in the world of space, unable to truly recognise my own authentic self on a blog I call my own. In real life, away from the computer screen I am always just me. I love being just me! Online, I find that while I can be myself, questions arise like how much should I share on here? And can I really speak the truth without some crazy lunatic jumping down my throat online. True, social bullies are eveywhere and tonight afresh spending time talking to God about this has resulted in Him and I now turning me over in to a new direction.

The great thing about my life is that I am always growing, never staying the same. I dont want to be a mossy rock, God always rolls up His sleeves and works on me. The reasons why this blog begun has changed over and over again. Truly now more then ever I can declare with sincerity, that I now know my over arching mandate and I cannot and will not choose to ignore that very thing that God has cemented inside of me. I am here, alive today to call the women of God to arise, lift up warrior arms and carry their sword in to battle, to form part of the army of God. It has over the passed year, become a clearer reality in my glasses of life. It has become something I have had to grow into, I have a strong personality and a deep life story and my husband and I have taken many punches and heavy blows to declare the messages of God. Yet we are so passionately in love with Yeshua that He bandages us, helps us, consoles us and loves us in to new health. I am now determined to continue on the glorious road set before me. I want to call you woman, to seek the ever lasting God and to become all you were created to be! I have also realised that I have not found too many other linkups out there who share the same passion and outlook and being part of many of these link ups has not always been positive for me. This I need to step back from and focus on being all I can be in this brief moment of space, in this window period we call a blog. I am tired of feeling tied down, I'm a new moth emerging from the chrysalis, yey good on me.

My passion lies in this, in the sword God has given in to my hand, to say and to speak from my heart the authentic message just there, in only the way He wants me to say it. We are all unique and I want you to be who you are because you are a unique part of the puzzle that God is building. Just recently I was nominated to be part of a leadership series on empowerment for women globally. I am honoured that God did this, as I have no idea how this big business woman and philantropist actually found me but tomorrow I am getting in my golden chariot, and travelling 100 kilometres. So that I can sit in a film studio and nervously share my message of empowerment for women globally. For young women, to empower them to be who they were created to be. I will smile at a stranger and remind myself not to look in to the camera when I say "leadership has nothing to do with age, it has to do with the ability to rise in passion from discouragement, rejection and pain. It is the ability to discover within the God dream, the purpose only you were created for and to believe, in yourself and to be kind..." 

This is my passion and I want to share it with you friend and I have a voice, its time to use it on here and everywhere else, I'm a warrior of God let's roar together..

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