Friday 7 August 2015

And I'm still here - FMF

FMF Post - Five Minute Friday and it's a special weekend for me too!! GO!

It was a perfect day, cold but beautiful. I remember it perfectly, not because it was magical but because it was heavenly, God ordained. She curled my hair and every movement felt calm and peaceful. She layered my face with make-up, true I'm not a make up girl but she made me shine. 
I arrived at the hotel and entered the hallway, they had made a mistake on our room and for that I was handed the keys to the presidential sweet at the Mount Nelson Hotel, the grandest hotel in Cape Town. Only God could ordain the presidential sweet, bigger than our house, it gleamed with marble and creams. Getting dressed pearls and lace felt like a vintage movie,(except I was wearing pants) then it was time and I wondered should I be nervous or calm. I felt a mixture of both but as I walked in to that room to sign our ketubah before the ceremony I was calmed. You. You stood draped in your taliet, ready with a very shy smile. I walked towards you led by both my parents, mom and dad who both had an equal part in my upbringing and as I stood drinking the cup with you underneath that Chuppah, I had no idea how difficult married life would be. Now as we celebrate our anniversary, I savour Gods sweet whisper to forget the former and look to the new. We have learned to live in a marriage of equals, both with a destiny of individuality and a destiny of a couple. We have the same place in the body and we cry out with a warriors cry, yet we are so different and bring uniqueness to the life around us. Here we are, still going on, you are my best friend and as we have learned so many times, we are together because iron sharpens iron. Happy anniversary most beautiful hubby and may God continue to lead us and cause us to shine! (Isaiah 60)

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  1. Happy Anniversary. May God continue to bless your lives together!

    Stopping by from FMF