Friday 28 August 2015

FMF - Feeling a lonely Thread

Five Minute Friday Time, unedited writing for 5 minutes, let's Go!

The passed few days has been a labour internally, just not really been able to figure so many things out that seem to be stacked up on my plate. I lamented to my husband how I wish there was someone to just speak to who could offer refreshing and outside perspective on these many things that seem to confuse me at present. Yet I feel alone in making it through this place but today I realise again that everyone is navigating their streams. And it is comforting this evening, to read how so many people I know are living and walking out their journeys. Unique journeys that we all face, some with far stretching valleys and others with low - lying plains that scoop out on to the horizon. Alone, even across distances now that we see each others stories we are never really alone. We are part of this world, living and sewing our thread in to the tapestry of God's unique handiwork. I pray for the healing balm to make it through these crazy times where there is no clarity and only confusion. Alone, it may feel so but to know that we are all stopping by to wave hello at some time or another, this means we are never really alone. A blog post, a comment, an email, a smile, a friendly cashier or just a simple hello, it brings us in to that place again, to know we are part of this world and the place we inhabit can never be replaced by another! May you know that you are never ever alone, but part of something greater.

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