Saturday 16 August 2014

Five Minute Friday: Tell

Five Minute Friday Post!

God tells us so many things. So many things that are beautiful, so many things that are real, that are beautiful, that are raw.

God tells us:
-          I am swift to forgive
-          I am slow to anger
-          Abundantly Kind and Faithful
-          Abundantly True and Merciful

He tells us:
-          I am a righteous God
-          A Judge of truth
-          A doting Papa
-          A Loving Father
-          And Disciplining Dad

He wants to tell us:
-          Open Your eyes and see what My hands have made
-          Open Your ears and I will tell you of things I have planned
-          Stop running from me, run to me, stop running away from what You think I don’t see
-          I am all you need, this running is making you tired

He longs to tell us:
-          You are a pure and spotless bride
-          Come and inherit the Kingdom of my Father
-          Well done my Good and Faithful servant, well done!

The truth is that our ears are too deaf and our hearts are so untouched by Gods unfathomable love that we cannot hear most of these things and if we do not get ourselves sorted, we won’t hear any of these things! God has so much He wants to tell us, but He won’t share His Glory with the unholy or the profane. It’s time for a cleansing, time for a clean up so that our ears are unblocked to hear the things most unspeakable from an unfathomable, awesome God!
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