Friday 8 August 2014

Five Minute Friday: Fill

Five Minute Friday - a time to write, a time to be real, no checking just plain truth. Glad to be hooking up with Kate Motaung from now on, who also shares some South African flavour!

I am so ready to fill, to start newness and to fill. Fill our photo albums of memories with new things, with new life, with new being. We sat beneath the umbrella with lanterns gleaning bright - I love all you did for me and all you will still do. No one knows the path we paved to get here, no one knows and thank God that is true or else it wouldn't be ours alone. Tonight we lit the lanterns and we watched them go - one blue, one purple - one for you, one for me and we stared until we could see them no more. Its time to for something new, time to be a new kind of full because we are emptied out of the old. It's time for God to fill our petrol tanks and light up our tyres beneath the monster trucks that we are, He has set us on that race track pulled back and then let us go - it's time. For the wounds and all that was of so many and so much to be erased, it's new. It's time, God's time and I am expectantly full. We take hands - the three corded strand not easily broken, and we run in to Gods Plan and into His wide Hands, He smiles and laughs, His silly children we are. He is the One who has done it all and in to the future He will do more - I love you my hubby, I love you my Daddy! For this day I rejoice - the day God chose to make two one, happy anniversary! 
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  1. Happy Anniversary!! :) Having just celebrated my 21st ( yesterday), your sweet words of faith blessed my heart. Thanks for writing real today.
    Bless you!

  2. expectantly full....

    I love that phrase!

    Happy anniversary!