Thursday 11 August 2016

The Power of a Story

I love radio. Okay, I confess my love for it only began when my husband and I started our own broadcast about 3 months ago. I was scared stiff, I remember freezing. Mind going blank, nothing. Me thinking you can't mess up on radio then everyone will hear you! Me thinking these people know I'm blank, bummer. But none of it was true, it started out as a learning experience and has simply become something we enjoy. What is really special is that hubby and I do it together, we interact, converse, share, smile at each other during the broadcast (no one can hear that) or generally wink or thumbs up and share tears (sometimes people can hear that!) And what's even more special, is the power of God that we feel during that one hour broadcast. Sometimes Father's presence is so tangible that I do cry, and sometimes I feel His incredible love for the people listening. What's also nice is that we stream using software that allows people to send us prayer requests during the show, now that's sweet. In the world of faceless people that is the cyber world, we get to know peoples names and their stories by sharing our hearts with them on radio. Sometimes these same people email us and they usually start by saying "you don't know me..." Are you kidding, we know you, we know your kids (you sent us that prayer request), we know your struggles at present (you sent that too) and we even know what we think you look like (although we may be wrong on this account). We know you. But more importantly Yeshua our Messiah, He knows you. When people reach out for prayer, it's aways a blessing because to reach out for prayer is courageous. 

I know there are so many times when I reach out for prayer to the people I trust. Let's face it, we need it all of us and I don't forget the precious souls of people who have reached out to me for prayer, across copper cables and satelites, what a privilege. The amazing thing is that, Father is super smart because I've had to be on radio in our city a few times now that my book is out. Usually the DJ tells me "don't be nervous, you gonna be fine, most people don't like radio." I smile, "I'm not nervous, let's start already!" I love radio. The thing I have stared to love most about radio is the Love I feel when I am on it. The Love for the people straining to hear on the other side. The Love for the people who are hearing the message of God, the message HE has trusted me to steward faithfully. I feel God's Love when I am sharing on radio, it's in the air and I get lost in it, wow, isn't our Messiah so good. To bring something beautiful my way and to wander with me in, in love. Thank You Papa.

This passed weekend, I did a film shoot. An amazing blessing that was in my heart for a year and a half and now a reality. This year I have been asked why I want to share stories, why they matter to me and the best way I could answer this, was via a short conversation with you. I would love to share this 5 minute video with you and I pray you will hear the message and be empowered. If not, listen anyway because a South African accent is rare and it's pretty sweet, go on! Oh and, film? Mmmmm, I'm not so keen on...... 


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