Tuesday 9 August 2016

Happy Women's Day South Africa!

I couldn't imagine a world where the 9th of August didn't exist as National Women's Day. Sure, it's only South Africa with its rich history of female shakers who celebrate today as Women's Day, but it's a day where we should pause and reflect on what we are giving to the generations to come. Many women went before us so that we may have what we have today, and I wonder, what will the generations of women who come after us ave as a result of what we sow today. What we sow is special, what we give by the Grace of Yeshua (Jesus) is something that will last. 

Meeting Sophia De Bruyn one of the leaders of the iconic women's march of 1956, was a blessing of significance to my life. I am blessed to share her story over at Essays of Africa, this Women's day! Enjoy!

Join me over at Essays to read my words and Sophia's:
At the Heart of Women's Day 

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