Friday 26 August 2016

FMF - Equality and Loyalty

Five Minute Fiday, unthought about blank writing on the word Loyal! GO!~

Loyalty. It's one of my values. Back in 2011 I did an interesting course where we had to explore our values, write them on our hands and name them. One of my top 5 values was loyalty and yet we do know that loyalty is often very hard to find. People come and people go, friends leave and friends appear, seasons change and our loyalties change. Yet, I find that as long as we remain walking in integrity, loyal to our values and standards, we will be okay.

I thought about the value of loyalty this week, when I followed up on the annual Suffrage Parade and the messages behind equality day (which is today). Equality day is all about the celebration of womens suffrage and also about exploring equality and what that means. Women have had to fight for equal rights, still today we fight for those who need education, deliverance from human trafficking, abuse and the other many atrocities that women face. Half of the human race has a feminine face and yet that face is so brutally scarred and oppressed. For me, I have long felt Gods calling on my life for social justice. I read in His word how His judges will have a hunger for justice and how His people will pursue that justice. Godly justice is something we should hunger for, something we should fight for, in all its forms. That means we should remain loyal to His precepts, to His Leading and to His Will, when we remain loyal to Him and let His will flow through us, the world will change, little by little, one life at a time :)

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  1. Yes, there are so many atrocities to the human race the world over. Thank God His justice prevails for eternity! Followed you today at FMF

  2. Hello Aliyah. What a pretty name! I'm stopping by from Five Minute Friday, and enjoyed reading your post and your "About Aliyah" page. It sounds like you have a fulfilling life of ministry and love for others. Yes, little by little we can change the world when we follow God's leading and are loyal to him and to the plan he has for us. God bless. :)

  3. "...when we remain loyal to Him and let His will flow through us, the world will change, little by little, one life at a time." Yes, this is so true! Blessings to you, Aliyah!