Saturday 2 May 2015

What April Lessons were Learned

Enjoying the sense of gathering what I have learned, heard, experienced and am grateful for, is as beautiful as the Autumn leaves that are rapidly falling from the trees here in South Africa. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, just getting chilly. Mist hangs across the landscape creating beautiful mornings and the clear blue sky with a hint of cloud, makes for beautiful sunsets. All in all, autumn is really pretty. So its time to take a few late night minutes and just reflect on the moments that went by this passed month...


Absolutely one of my most favourite Biblical feasts, April kicked off with Passover this year and during the Passover week, God imparted such a newness within me. Preparing me for the spiritual battles that were to come in April. He is our God of incredible peace and Grace. These are lessons I am still sitting with.

Seeing my Book Cover and Announcing my God size Dream

In April I got the very first glimpse of my book cover for my upcoming book. It was amazing. In this I learned again about the value of being part of a body. The editorial assistant I worked with caught the God vision and the cover staands for everything that God still wants to do with the message of this book. I was blessed! 

My aunts Passing

Was quiet hard for many of my family members and will be for some time to come. In it I was reminded of the incredible Living Hope we have because of Yeshua's death for us. My aunt gave her life to Yeshua in the months leading to her death and Father assured me of the fact that she is now with Him. It was quiet a deep journey and through it I learned a lot.

Pumpkin Smoothies!

Okay, so I am not a fan of pumpkin but I discovered pumpkin smoothies a few days ago - as in made with real pumpkin and I am hooked! Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg all in one smoothie! Divine!

Grateful for....
So Much!
God's refreshing love, my hubby and his hugs! New opportunities, Gods understanding and peace. The newly found love for all things garden and nursery related! Fellowship, food, the clothes I have, the love of friends, words spoken at the right time, sleep! Sabbath rest, God's comfort and reassurance, provision, people I know who are fighting injustice and making a difference, my cat! :) 

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