Thursday 14 May 2015

Sharing On - What Holds you back from spending time with God?

Bonnie Gray is someone special. Although I dont know her in everyday life, she is what she calls herself, a kindred. I love the journey she had walked through in her own life and the brave steps she took in sharing her very raw story with the world.
So today, I want to share Bonnie's latest post called Five Whitespace Killers, it's all about looking at what your soul is needing today to be refreshed. And asking yourself, what is keeping you from enjoying rest with God.

I know that in my own life and through conversations with others about their relationship with Yeshua, many times we pray because we feel we are bad people if we dont. Or we pray so that we wont feel guilty, or we pray because we are fearful that God will disown us if we don't. Yet, this walk with God is a love affair, it's like the song Dance with Me. Our Lover has come over the Hills so that we can rest in His embrace and dance with Him. Religion and the religious how to's have really placed burdens on our hearts and the expressions there-of. I do believe in making time each day to spend with God but I know that we are all different, so the ways in which we connect and communicate with Father, will be different. Bonnie's post really ministered to me today and I am hearing the call of my heart, to enjoy poetic expression and creativity, that's what I am cracing in God's Love and presence. What are you craving today? 

Here's her post! What's Holding you back?


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