Thursday 15 January 2015

Someone Needs to Hear your Words

Are you slipping, peering through the empty glass believing your voice is not needed? That cyber space swallows up the whisper of your heart beat, in the words you have still to share on empty pages? Doubt creeps over so many some times, do my words matter? Does what I have to say mean anything? IS my story so great or so small that it means anything to anyone? Well I need to tell you tonight, that it does....

There is nothing that can convince me otherwise. How many times have we remained silent, believing it doesnt matter whether we speak or remain silent. But today God wants me to tell you - that dear heart your story matters. Your words are not always fashioned to fill a thousand hallways or to boom across certain fields. Oh no, your words were fashioned to create and encourage life in another heart. To encourage and blow breathe in to anothers. Success to the world means blog stats, pins, huge viewerships and ratings. Success in God's Holy eyesight means obedience. When you fulfil Father's call on your life, that is success, nothing else matters.

Tonight my husband and I randomly found some very interesting Josh Groban videos on YouTube. At his concerts, he lets audience members ask him questions and at his concerts he always has some young people wanting to sing with him. What blew us away was, how these young people could sing. Some could even sing spectacularly! It made me realise again that it is not always about the big voices, but about the everyday voices. Many people will never know a stage as big as the one Josh Groban gets to perform on, and that's okay, perhaps it is not their purpose, but anyone who gets to hear these guys and girls sing - whether in a local show, at a school, at church or anywhere else - well they will be super blessed. Because it is not all about the bigness of it all, it's about the quality of it all. I would love to sit in a room full of "unknown" men and women and hear them sing, more then the "seasoned" (often lip-syncing) men and women.

Life is not about the crowds, its about dancing for the Audience of One. It's about letting Him hear your words, your heart words. He believes in your story and the power of it. So much so that He left Heaven's throne and died on a Tree so that your story could be redeemed. This week I was reading some of Paul's words before his own story came to an end. At the end of his life he was imprisoned for the second time and he wrote to Timothy. In his final words he tells Timothy that everyone in Asia deserted me (2 Timothy) this was how Paul felt, I can only imagine how deep and how painful this must have been for him. He had given his life to serve Messiah by serving others and many had grown weary of him and his message and had deserted him. While he must have imagined that his words had fallen on deaf ears - he never realised how his life's story would impact generations to come, even 2000 years later. Here is the truth: we never quite know what God can do with a surrendered Life and Heart. Don't keep quiet precious heart, find the courage, the joy, the enjoyment and speak....


  1. Aliyah, are you speaking to me? It's funny that you wrote this because this is the basic story that I am writing for your collection of stories! Great minds think alike,dear. Bless your for your words of encouragement. These are words all women must hear, know in their hearts.

  2. hey Jeri! Woohoo, wow I am so glad you were blessed by this, I really felt I needed to share this as it was on God's heart and I am so looking forward to what you have to share for the collection of stories. Thank you for being a great help and I pray we will remember that we need to share our stories - everyone of us. Have a great weekend!