Monday 12 January 2015

One Word 2015 - "Spirit-Birth Expectancy"

WOW! I have been waiting so long to write this post and with a lot of others things going on, I have finally got to it! Besides, blogging is suppose to be fun isn't it and so here is my "one word" or rather "one phrase" Yeshua has given me for 2015.
Let me just say that I was really reluctant about this one word vibe. Yeah, I dont like to be confined, I like the dynamics of life but then Father started prompting me a big smile, and whispering "hey I got something for you!"

I had a beautiful vision of the Messiah standing over 2015 and birthing something new in to this time season of Life. Something in the Spirit Realm first - a new time, a new season, a new reality on this earth. The old way of doing things, with religion, oppression and bondage is passing away. It is like the time period that Saul and David lived in. King Saul was part of a time period that was passing away, so that the new established way under king David could come in to being. Swiftly, we are moving to the time where Messiah will return and establish His Kingdom here on earth. After the passed few years I have seen and heard about the depth of change that intercessors and intercessory groups have undergone. God has been placing something new in the hearts and lives of His true followers and He Himself is about to change things up. I am really excited, because we as a people can collectively be expectant for the spirit birth newness that is coming. That is the greater vision and for many of you - I know you are sensing the newness too. 

On a personal level, I have walked a journey with this Beautiful King and He is telling me much for my own life, which is personal. But I am to live with the expectancy that all He has birthed spiritually in my own life, He will indeed bring to fulfillment. Much dreams, much step - ups in the passed years, much growth and much depth of change. I hold these dreams in my heart that He has given me and I live to serve Him faithfully for His Kingdom Glory. Spirit - Birth Expectancy.
Yip, not one word, not one meaning - but dynamic, with so many meanings on so many different levels and truly I proclaim it because when we speak out things, it echoes in to the atmosphere! 
With this in mind, Father has also given me a fresh, renewed vision for my blog. It was a vision always there but at times got clouded, I will share His heart on here and I will share the messages He tells me to share and I will share the things I feel to share. This is Yeshua's space and it is mine - for fun and for Love! Part of this refreshing was revamping my blog too and I am so happy to have done it! This is my word for this year! truly He crowns the year with abundance.....

Thank you so much to Traci Michele for offering to do our One Word Design Signs for so many of us bloggers. I love it when we use our giftings to bless! Thanks Traci!

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