Friday 23 May 2014

Five Minute Friday: Close

Its that time again! Five Minute Friday time where us bloggers have to set our watches and hit go for 5 minutes. Writing on the word prompt and then letting our hearts and pens lose on the paper, no editing, no spell check - just go. Here is mine for this week...


Start! (5 minutes!)

Close is a hard word I guess. Today after reading my article in a local magazine a young woman emailed me and asked me for advice on why she does not like people to come close to her. This is a hard question to answer based on the fact that I do not know her background, her age, her history – nadah. But at least I knew what she wanted to admitted, no one gets close to me. I guess that’s how it is for many people.
Let’s face it allowing someone close to you is vulnerable. Allowing them close to you opens up the space for hurt to happen, for pain to take place and even abandonment. The space closest to us is the most intimate space. Its the most delicate space and the most sanctified space. My most closest space is reserved for 2 things or 2 people – God and my husband. God however remains the closest because with Him well He already knows everything about me and I am always so open with Him, even about the stuff I don’t like. My husband is second in line and that’s how it should be, well for me anyway. I was thinking today about the value of intimacy and how God required us to reserve that closest space in all ways – body, soul and spirit for one person. Only one person in this entire earth should be in that space. I am thankful Father knew this because closeness it means the world to me, that is why its reserved for God and my very precious hubby.

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  1. Hi Aliyah,

    Yes: "the most delicate space and the most sanctified space"...Thank you for introducing yourself over at my blog and leaving me your URL so I could visit you...grateful for how God knows all about us :)

  2. Bless you Dolly! You are such a blessing may you continue to grow from strength to strength!! Will visit you again... aliyah