Friday 9 May 2014

Five Minute Friday - Grateful

I am grateful, when I saw this word prompt for today – something in my heart jumped and I said YES! Boy, I can believe you Lisa-Jo, it has been a week and it has been a month.
I have been sitting thinking, feeling and just ruminating on the reality of the plight of women worldwide. Just about education, hearts, dreams, villages, the thoughts of my sisters. The reality that most of the victims who are sold in human trafficking today, are women. Not only are they women, they are my sisters, they are daughters, they are friends. Somebody’s kid, someone else’s wife, someone else’s friend, sister or betrothed. There is a universal pain that echoes out in to the spirit realm when many of us bear the pain inside our spirits for the hurting. I believe this. Many out there are on their knees for our sisters kidnapped by the crazy group in Nigeria. We cannot help but think of them in their school uniforms and in their fears. Grateful. Grateful because I am sitting in a warm house while winter is blustering in and I am behind my keyboard connecting with you wonderful women out there. Grateful because I want to use my freedom to promote theirs (thanks Su Kyi for this reminder). Grateful because I am loved today and because I am me. Grateful because God will never leave me and because I am connected to something amazing, Grateful, because I am on my knees praying for my sisters and I urge the rest of you who are free, to do the same! Grateful because a Man once used His freedom to purchase mine and because He gave it all, I can give my all. He is my target point, my aim – my goal, Grateful because He died for me and for the imprisoned, let us not rest in our prayers until all our sisters are unchained.


  1. I think so often gratitude and suffering go hand in hand. When we see and hear about a world gone mad it reminds us to look at all we do have to be grateful for. I am praying for these young girls ripped from their families and community and for their broken hearted mamas today too. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    1. Thank you so much Joyce! I enjoyed your blog. Yes lets continue to pray for them and their mama's - what heartache. May you have a wonderful week.