Tuesday 11 October 2011

A touching picture behind the story

Last night I read the story again of the woman who washed Yeshua's feet with her hair and tears and then took costly perfume and anointed His feet.

I often think of Yehezkel (Ezekiel's) proclamation of "woe is me! woe is me!" upon seeing the Son of Man in a vision. Truly when we see our uncleanness and our own sinfulness against the Holiness and Beauty of the One who created us, we cannot help but loath ourselves and be ashamed. Even our good deeds are as filthy rags.
I love You Yeshua so much, You have given me everything that I have and I fail so often , in this too I know how much You love me. Truly the anointing sinner knew the Love that only You could ever have in Your heart for the heart of a repentant sinner. I really love You my Saviour, My King, I really love You. Please lets sit together while, me the sinner, You the Holy King and just be together; me anointing You with my tears; You changing me with Your love. You are so awesome Father, You are so amazing, I give my heart to You, to You alone forever, Abba thank You I am so grateful for eveything I have and everything that You are! I love You.

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