Monday 3 October 2011

Eternal Shabbat

It is only Monday (a blue one at that!) and already my mind and heart are telling me "It's Shabbat!"
The pressures of life and the stress of this world indeed wear one down so that eventually you are left a "stump"

My heart cries out to be with my King in the day which will always be "Shabbat" and I cannot wait for it!
I have a good life, no complaints but our lives are conditioned by worry, fear and anxiety (and just yesterday someone reminded me that worry is a sin, mmmmm). But how do we flee worry when the things we hope for are never realized or things we have to do, are the very things we have the inability to do? Such as paying bills.

Three weeks ago a candidate who was forced to learn English in my class, begun to make my life unbearable so as to be excused from my class. He is a young, Indian guy from India and has been here 3 months. He battles incessantly to speak English properly and although I am trying to coach him in English, he is uninterested because within his own mind he has all the answers already before the questions are even answered. Unfortunately this individual has succeeded in lying and making false accusations about the class - all of which have been proved to my supervisors as false.

However this individual has singlehandedly forced me off course. Yesterday we were doing a Yom Teruah study on the 31 sins people commit, one of those sins is bringing false accusations against people and lying. I realized that I was the recipient of someone else's sin, no wonder the weight is too heavy to bear.
I am now struggling to bring order to a new course, which I am suppose to start this week simply because of one individual. I just realise how our own selfishness, guilt and conniving bring other people's lives under threat and how sinful this is! I look up to my King and ask Him for help, I have no strength He has it all I really need your help Abba!

Ah and so my heart still longs for the day of Shabbat - the day of eternal Shabbat, where there will be no more fear, worry or pain, no more sorrow, strife or tears and where I will be at liberty to sit at the feet of my King without saying a thing - I simply cannot wait!

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